Middle-earth:Shadow of Mordor

Adventure Game

“Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor” is an action-adventure game developed by Monolith Studios and published by Warner Bros. It was released on October 7, 2014.

The game is based on the fantasy land “Middle-Earth” in J.R.R. Tolkien’s “Lord of the Rings”. The story is set before “Lord of the Rings”, the player will play the role of the ranger Tarion, and explore the mystery of the birth of the Lord of the Rings together with the creator of the Lord of the Rings. Many of Tolkien’s classic characters are in the game. Has debuted.

Background Setting

Talion is a descendant of the Romanians and grew up in Minas Tirith. After adulthood, Talion was sent by Gondor to the Black Gate as the commander of the garrison ranger. But everything changed with the arrival of the three dark Numanor commanders-Hammer, Stronghold, and Black Palm.

Talion, his wife, Youris, and his son Dilhar were captured by Black Palm. The Black Palm sacrificed three blood to summon an undead of the Elf King and was killed by Black Palm. Pain turned Talion into an undead. At the same time, fate also united him with Celebrity, who had the same pain, and embarked on a thrilling journey of revenge and redemption.

The Role of Setting

Character introduction

As the main characters in the game, Talion and Celebrity are the only characters the player can manipulate.

Unlike other role-playing games, the character attributes in this game need to be upgraded separately. The attributes that Tarion can be upgraded are health, maximum number of bows and arrows (Elf Shot), and focus (Focus).

Each attribute has 5 levels, and it takes M to upgrade them (Mirian, a coin in Middle-earth, and one of the resources in the game, can be obtained through a variety of ways.), the higher the level, the cost of M The more coins are, but the attribute value promoted by each level is the same.

Role abilities

The skills of Tarion in the game are divided into two categories: Ranger skills (Ranger) and Wraith skills (Wraith), and are divided into five levels. Players can only unlock the next level after obtaining enough power (Power). skill. There are many ways to obtain power. From rewards for completing tasks to compensation for Tarion’s own death, there are opportunities to obtain power, but the most effective way to earn power is to complete various power struggles.

After unlocking the skills, players can spend skill points to learn skills, and skill points need to be obtained by accumulating experience. Each time the experience slot is full, one can obtain a skill point. The acquisition of experience is also very simple. It can be obtained by completing tasks. The detailed introduction of each skill will be listed below for players’ reference (the skills marked in red are automatically unlocked during the process). It should be noted that the skills connected by straight lines on the skill tree must be acquired at the next level before they can acquire advanced skills.

Scene Map

The stage of the game is set in two regions of Middle-earth, Udun and Nurn, which have separate maps. In the game, you can directly open the big map by pressing the touchpad. All locations, collections, orcs with a green core and various tasks in the game will be marked on the big map. Like other sandbox games, players can set the signpost by pressing the × key/A key at any place on the map, and then they can directly follow the buoy to the target place during the action.

In addition, the game also provides a stronghold for fast travel between different regions, which is the forging tower. The forging towers are distributed in various small areas on each map. After the forging towers are lit, you can see all the collections and mission locations in the covered area on the map. Without being discovered by the enemy, move the cursor to the lit forged tower and press the □ key/X key to quickly travel.

Featured System

Game mode

Story mode

The main line process of the game is advanced by completing main line tasks. The main line tasks are divided into multiple story lines in different regions. Each story line will have multiple stages of tasks to be completed. The main line tasks in the Udon area must have several story lines. The interspersed is completed, and the Norn area can go to the next story line after one story line is walked to the end, but the general direction of the task will not be too much deviation.

Trial mode

Trails of War is a unique mode separated from the main story and plot. Players can choose to enter it in the main menu. There are multiple missions to choose from in the trial mode, but except for the test of Defiance (Test of Defiance) that can be entered at the initial stage, the rest of the missions need to purchase the corresponding DLC ​​to enter. Each trial has different main goals and additional goals that players need to achieve. If you want to get a high evaluation in these trials, you must achieve all the goals. In addition, each challenge will have a separate score setting. Players can get scores for every move in the task, and the final scores obtained by the players will be recorded in the world rankings. Players who like to challenge the limit can constantly try to get high scores and strive to be in the forefront of the rankings.

Combat system

The sneak part of the game is very similar to “Assassin’s Creed”. There are many bushes in the scene, and the protagonist can easily hide inside without being spotted by nearby orcs. When the enemy is alone, the player can also lure (G) the orcs to approach the bushes and kill them with a dagger. This is exactly the same as “Assassin’s Creed” ambush in the haystack.

At the beginning of the game, the characters’ skills are still very few and their abilities are relatively weak. It is recommended that players use sneak assassinations to be safer. The melee is longer, and it is more difficult to kill an orc in an orc siege, and it is easier for the target to escape. The enemy can be stunned to perform finishing skills, and the orcs with intelligence can perform interrogation to collect intelligence. Killing important bosses can collect runestones and inlay them on weapons to increase their power.

If the protagonist is knocked to the ground by the orc, the orc will launch a finishing move towards the protagonist. At this time, there is another opportunity to “counter-attack in danger”. To perform QTE operation, move the mouse to the circle shown in the figure, and when the charging slot is full Immediately press the prompt button to kill the orc decisively. If the protagonist is killed by an orc, there will be a death penalty, and the captain of the orc legion will become stronger.

Mission system

Operating system

Achievement system

Game Reviews

“Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor” has beautiful graphics and a tried-and-tested combat system, but the most important thing is that it also gives a unique personality to the originally one-sided enemy through a simple mechanism, which is almost The only element in the game industry that can give people a sense of the next generation in the past year.

“Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor” has excellent fighting effects and dynamic enemy attributes, making the player’s victory and defeat a great game experience.

“Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor” stands out among many open-world action games. What’s special about it is that winning or losing in battle is crucial, and it is related to the growth of players and enemies. If the player wins, the player will get the opponent’s abilities and weapons and equipment. If they lose, the enemy will be upgraded, new equipment and new skills will be obtained. When the player encounters the enemy in the next battle, the enemy will become stronger. Randomly changing enemies make it meaningful whether the battle is won or lost.

The original enemy system of the game “Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor” makes the enemy ecology on the entire battlefield alive, and the orcs will kill each other. Players can support their own puppets. The creative system adds a refreshing battle. Make it the biggest dark horse in 2014.

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