Minecraft: Dungeons

Adventure Game

Minecraft Dungeons is a new action adventure game developed by Mojang Studios.

“Minecraft Dungeon” will land on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, PC, and PS4 on May 26, 2020. Players who have purchased Xbox Game Pass can download and play the game directly after the game is released.

On October 21, 2020, “Minecraft” officially announced the developer log of “Minecraft: Dungeon”, introducing the game’s “(Howling Peaks)” paid DLC.

Game introduction

The game can accommodate up to four players, and has a variety of new weapons, new items and mobs, as well as a variety of exploration environments and overall tasks, allowing players to face the main opponent, the Boss.

The game has specific tasks and locations, and procedurally generated elements. Players are not limited to one category, they can pick up more armors or weapons and use them. Because the game focuses on action/adventure, players will not build or dig. The game will be played above and below ground. Players can replay previously played levels. There is “something similar to the central world.” The program will automatically generate levels, and Mojang is considering using “world seeds”. There will also be key golems. They are new creatures that will escape from the player and must be hit several times before they can be collected. Their purpose is unknown, and you need to wait for the game to go live.

Main gameplay


Rush into the dungeon alone, or team up with friends.
Up to four players can team up to fight online or on-site cooperation.


Use melee weapons, carry out long-range attacks, or equip heavy armor, and drive a tank to make a living.

Personalize your character, unlock unique items and enchant weapons, and perform devastating special attacks on enemies.


Explore action-based battles and missions containing rich treasures in an epic exploration, with the goal of saving villagers and defeating the evil Arch-Illager.

Development of

Minecraft Dungeon was announced at Mineconearth 2018. It is a visually enhanced version of the basic Minecraft game, but with a different game style. The game is inspired by the classic dungeon crawler. On September 17, 2019, Double Eleven announced that they are assisting Mojang and Xbox Game Studio in the development, especially in the multiplayer game and console version.

Game Reviews

The overall process of “Minecraft: Dungeon” is not too long. It usually takes less than 10 hours to clear the level. Through many auxiliary spells and enchantments, it is not difficult to see that the game essentially encourages players to play cooperatively. Level changes are mainly reflected in a variety of different enemies, and a variety of equipment combinations provide a variety of fighting styles, but compared to the best in similar games such as “Terror Dawn”, “Minecraft: Dungeon” “The richness of content and playability are far from the difference.

The game has a simple but proven system, which is very interesting and fascinating. The game is full of loot, various secret areas and gradually unlocked difficulty levels. The story mode is about six to eight hours, and the process is relatively short, but the game has good repeatability.

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