“Mir2” is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) launched by Shengqu Games in 2001.

The game has three professions: warrior, magician, and Taoist. All plots, experience gains, and various hunting, mining and other activities occur instantly on the Internet.

“Mir2” includes concepts such as day, night, trade, and items. Players can obtain currency through mining, hunting, etc., and use currency to trade. The whole game is full of magic and has an oriental color.

Game Background

There used to be various creatures living in this mysterious Marfa continent. Human power is so weak in it, they are forced to establish various organizations on this continent in order to resist the beasts and monsters with supernatural abilities. However, after a period of time, the emergence of a mysterious race changed the distribution of power on this continent. They quickly learned various abilities, and quickly achieved extraordinary abilities, occupying the leading position of this continent.

This race taught people to use fire and other abilities about survival. After humans have learned these different skills, these humans who have lived in an environment full of terror and threats for a long time begin to try to build civilization.

With the help of mysterious races, humans began their long and long process of territorial expansion and civilization establishment. While other races were still asleep, a huge country was created. According to legend, this civilization already had a civilization and abilities beyond our imagination at that time, but in a later big bang, this civilization disappeared. No one knows the details of this big bang, and there is no trace to find relevant information, and the mysterious race that helped humanity disappeared without a trace. The remaining survivors and their descendants set out to rebuild their civilized society. They even hope to build a civilized society that is completely equivalent to the previous one, but this long process is so arduous, because almost no one can remember that era. The problem is that the shortage of resources and the lack of knowledge have seriously affected the reconstruction of this civilization.

Since then, mankind has begun a long development phase, during which several major cities have gradually formed. Although the legends about that era and the mysterious races seem illusory, humans have never given up their respect for the past. They have passed on from generation to generation the era of extreme civilization, and this eternal legend will remain.

When the situation of the Three Kingdoms was relatively stable, an unimaginable thing happened. This is how Neil and the Orc race developed. Unlike the orcs in other small societies, the Neil people created a considerable community and quickly developed their unique skills to use any form of tools. They have very high intelligence and have formulated a clear and orderly social hierarchy. Half-orcs are inferior to Neal in all aspects, including: skills, intelligence, and social organization, but they create an extraordinary energy. They were also isolated from natural boundaries, until humans used aggressive technology to break the boundaries, and a large-scale conflict finally occurred.

Because people simply judge the beasts based on past memories and experiences, thinking that they are just lower animals. In this systematic and large-scale attack, mankind suffered a fatal defeat.

After being defeated for the first time, mankind has been continuously defeated on various battlefields. Therefore, the monarchs of various countries stopped their infighting and united to deal with the orcs. In the end they successfully expelled Neil and the Orcs and regained their lost ground. However, due to the great loss of power, humans have lost many lives and property before the army can be rebuilt to resist the invasion of new orcs. At the same time, the orcs are deliberately planning aggression for survival in order to expand their territory.

Every year, human beings are attacked thousands of times by Neil and Orcs and orcs, and have experienced huge losses. However, when there is no civil war, it does not pay attention to defending and maintaining all the accumulated resources and energy.

However, the first time mankind paid attention to the accumulation of such resources was in the war with half-orcs. In contrast to Neil, the Orcs live east of the Marfa continent, where they are so powerful that they often cross the border to slaughter many innocent people. In this situation, the three countries had to unite and fought a decisive battle with the Orcs. In the decisive battle, the Orcs once again lost the battle.

In the early days of the war, humans suffered a lot of failures due to the huge and infinite power of the orcs; however, later humans discovered the fatal weakness of the orcs-their IQ was very low and they acted on intuition. This huge race just relied on various The brutal tactics succeeded. The Alliance wiped out the gathering points of the orcs, occupied the main base, established the outposts in the border area, and completely eradicated the orcs and other remaining orcs.

The morale of the human soldiers is high because they think they can go home after cleaning up the orcs. However, a sudden earthquake in the eastern part of the Marfa continent disrupted the entire human battle. This disaster changed the shape of the continent, and the formation of huge mountains made the hope of victory for the Allied forces vanish.

Those who fled the disaster of this sudden deformation of the land were at a loss as they couldn’t climb over the mountains. On the contrary, most people were crushed by rocks and dirt and lost their lives. Soon they accepted the arrangement of fate and chose to rebuild a new city. Fortunately, new materials and tools can be easily used to build new cities. Many women have stayed in Hagena, where the military is strong. When the children have grown up, they have once again devoted themselves to fighting with the orcs. In war. These new generations named their capital “Beach”.

When they completed the construction of the village and the capital in 20 years and restored peace and tranquility, new problems came. Woma and other orc people who were expelled to remote areas by humans reappeared.
Fortunately, they only occasionally launched attacks in various scattered directions, so they did not pose a serious threat to humanity. However, the terrible fact is that where humans cannot reach, humans are being slaughtered by hidden orcs. Since then, four generations in 120 years have fought long and arduous battles to drive out the mob.

However, with their strong reproductive ability, the influence of the Orcs has grown stronger, gradually changing the defensive situation and adopting an aggressive attitude. Feeling threats and fears from the environment, people realized that with their own strength, they could not protect themselves; so they decided to seek help from their old kingdom.

Putting a lot of manpower into searching every corner of those mountains, people discovered that there are tunnels in the caves of the Woma tribe that can lead to the other side of the mountain. Because they could get help, they hurriedly sent people to pass the information out with joy, but these people who passed the information died on the road, because there were so many and powerful orcs in the cave. However, when the threats of the orcs continued to increase, their time was not allowed to fail.

Humans began to call heroes everywhere to cross the mountains. At the same time, many young boys volunteered to complete this great task. This task is related to the fate of the people in Beech City. The heroes must rely on their abilities and courage to go to a place they have never visited. There are six men and women, and they are preparing to write a new page in the heroic history of Marfa. But no one can know what this road of no return is like, nor what the end of this adventure will end.

Professional role


Based on a strong physique, the special place lies in the use of techniques such as swordsmanship and Taoism. It is more suitable for hunting and fighting. Strong fighters can carry many things, even with heavy weapons and armor, they can move freely. But the armor worn by the warrior has relatively low defense against magic.


Based on long-term internal strength training, it can play powerful offensive magic. Magic attack is excellent. The physical strength is weak, the defensive ability against direct physical attacks is low, and it takes a long time to play a high level of magic. At this time, it may be quickly attacked by the opponent. The magic of the magician is stronger than any attack ability, and it can effectively threaten the opponent.

Taoist priest

With strong mental power as a foundation, you can use healing techniques to help others. He is familiar with nature and has the strongest ability in poisoning. Taoist priests are very knowledgeable and can use swordsmanship and magic, so they can play a variety of spells at all times and are highly adaptable.


Based on agile and fast attacks, the vigorous assassins also have super explosiveness. They are familiar with various skills, especially good at teleporting and stealth skills! They are the masters of the dark night, an absolute high-damage, high-attack, explosive occupation.

Game system

Reputation system

Prestige is the virtual points in the game and a symbol of the prestige of the game. At the same time, it is also a necessary virtual point for marriage and red name cleaning.
Obtained through the mentoring system. In the process of level 22-35, the master can gain a total of 32 reputation points, and the apprentice can gain a total of 19 reputation points. In addition, you have a chance to get it through the pass through the heaven and the gift of heaven.

Mentoring system

Mengzhong’s martial arts coach may ask Xiaomin, a novice village assistant, for the location of his apprenticeship. The martial arts instructor can help you apprentice and dissolve the relationship between master and apprentice, check reputation and honor points, receive and repair medals of honor.

Marriage system

Marriage is the relationship between a man and a woman as a spouse in the game.
A female player will enable the marriage proposal function by entering @allowed proposal, and can receive the proposal information from the man; @rejected proposal will be closed and cannot receive the proposal request. Male players can send marriage proposals to the women in the Marriage Temple. Only when the woman and the man are in the marriage temple and the proposal function is enabled can they receive the proposal information.
After the male and female characters are successfully married in the game, congratulatory messages will appear in red letters on all maps of the server where they are located.
1 million gold coins are required for divorce.

Featured System

In the entire game map, except for a small safe area in the center of each city where PK cannot be performed, any PK can be performed at any other location.
Leveling: The “tiny” map and a large number of players are an irreconcilable contradiction. PK has become the only solution. Only the strong can occupy the area with high monster refresh rate.
Fighting BOSS: Organized and large-scale PK mostly occurs at the location where BOSS is spawned.
Siege: The largest PK activity of the whole server only occurs in the attacking city.
Malicious PK: There is no reason, or if you see good equipment on your body, you will be killed as a BOSS.
Hunting for hatred: The enemy is on a narrow road, and the PK mode is opened first when you meet.
PK exercises: learning from friends.
Attack mode: divided into peace mode, whole mode, guild mode, group mode, combined mode, master-disciple mode, good and evil mode.
Attack on Shabak: Start at 8pm and end at 10pm; before 10pm, if the guild or alliance guild that attacked Shabak removes all members of Shabak’s palace from Shabak’s palace or Killing is considered a siege victory.

Recruit heroes

When the character reaches level 40, in addition to receiving a day gate hero, you can also recruit a Wolong hero from the tavern of the alliance. The hero can wear the same equipment as the person himself.
Step 1: Go to the “Wolong Tavern” outside the east gate of Mengzhongtucheng;
Step 2: Buy shochu from the second place in the NPC shop;
The third step: fight wine with the famous tavern, after success, you can recruit a Wolong hero.
Choose to talk to one of the three famous general leaders outside the tavern: Shadow Moon, Chenxing, and Xiangtian, and invite them or fight with them.
The three famous generals in the tavern correspond to three professions: Xiangtian——Warrior, Chenxing——Mage, Shadowmoon——Taoist.
Before recruiting, if there is a hero of the White Sun Gate, talk to the famous general in the tavern and choose to place the hero of the Sun Gate, otherwise it will not be possible to recruit new Wolong heroes. In addition, at the same time, players can only lead one hero to experience together.

Wonder System

The odd meridian is a complex and magical meridian hidden under the many meridians of the human body. There are five acupuncture points: Shenchong, Erbai, Jiaji, Yongquan, and Bafeng. It can stimulate the human body’s potential and acquire special unexpected abilities. Excavating and practicing these acupoints can improve the mastery and upgrade of special abilities.

Brewing system

Get drunk

  1. It can resist the damage of combined attack to a certain extent.
  2. It is possible to obtain temporary attribute promotion.
  3. Contribute to the increase in alcohol consumption.
  4. When the drunkenness reaches a certain level, a brand-new drunkenness skill-alcohol body protection can be activated.

Alcohol intake

Drinking, you can get an increase in the amount of alcohol (press F10 to open the character status bar to view the current amount of alcohol).

  1. As the amount of alcohol increases, more types of medicinal liquor can be consumed.
  2. The increase in alcohol consumption can also stimulate the innate attributes of characters and heroes-innate vitality.

Obtain potency value

Drinking medicinal wine, in addition to gaining a powerful temporary ability, you can also gain an increase in the potency value (press F10, open the character status bar, you can view the current potency value). Each time the medicinal value is accumulated to a stage, you can gain 1 point of long-lasting attribute.
Obtainable attributes include: lower limit of magic defense +1, lower limit of defense +1, lower limit of attack/magic/dao skill +1 (depending on different occupations), upper limit of magic defense +1, upper limit of defense +1, upper limit of attack/magic/dao skill+ (According to different occupations). According to the above sequence, each time the potency value reaches a stage, the above attribute can be increased by 1 point. Six times are increased into one round, and after one round is added, a new round will be entered.

Game evaluation

Positive reviews

Sina China Game Ranking (CGWR) professional evaluation “Mir2”, as a classic old game, has not only witnessed the game history of a generation of gamers, but also witnessed the changes of an era of online games. , Its classic gameplay and mode have spread and continued in many games today.

Negative comment

On the online game portal 17173, hundreds of players commented on the comments: The game experience gap between RMB players and non-RMB players in “Mir2” is huge, and it has become a game for the rich.

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