“Monster Hunter” live-action movie public live-action trailer, netizens: Will this woman hunt?

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Recently, the latest trailer for the “Monster Hunter” movie has been released. In this trailer, we can see more exciting highlights, among which fans have paid attention to the protagonist preparing to hunt with double knives.

The live-action movie “Monster Hunter” is adapted from the game of the same name developed by the Japanese game company CAPCOM. This live-action movie is directed by the well-known director Paul Anderson. The plot story unfolded to conquer the dragon species.

A few days ago, Paul only announced the appearance of the Ailucat, but he did not expect that the ones that came one after another were also concerned by netizens, using weapons in Monster Hunter World to hunt dragons. Although it looks cool to fight the dragon with a hot weapon, it is said to be a ‘skip’ weapon for the player, and only melee is the romance of the hunter.

In the preview announced this time, the protagonist Artemis who has traveled to Monster Hunter World meets the blue star of that world (or the investigative squad leader?). The two fought fiercely, and finally because of Artemis. Mis was injured and asked for reconciliation to end the fight.

Then, without even thinking about it, the blue star introduced Artemis to Monster Hunter World, and then Artemis applied to the blue star for a dragon-slaying weapon. The blue star just like the beginning of the game. He chose a weapon of his own choice, and finally Artemis chose a double knife.

What’s more interesting is that the two people in the movie will get angry as long as they cross the two swords. This is the legendary “Enchant Weapon”. (Another explanation is that the “Ghost Mode” exclusive to Dual Blades is enabled)

At the back of the trailer, there was Artemis holding two swords to fight (Cang?) Fire Dragon, and the same poster also had Artemis holding two swords to fight (Black) Horned Dragon.

Shuai is indeed handsome, and he was immediately ridiculed by fans: Will XX women fight monster hunting?

Then I posted an effective attribute of the horned dragon. After all, the pair of knives in the poster was “flaming”, implying that it was a double-sword with fire attributes. According to the effective attribute panel, the fire attribute of the horned dragon was obviously not It’s too good, of course, it can’t be said that there is no harm. After all, the double knife is a melee weapon. jpg, but it will inevitably look a bit naive.

Of course, the double-knife “fire” may not mean that this is a fire-attribute double-knife. It may just turn on the special effects of “ghosting”. It just happens that the several “fires” in the trailer are all Artemis cross-exalted. The scene of the knife.

At present, some netizens have rated 80 points for the live-action version of Monster Hunter. Although it is said that the live-action version will not be officially released until December, it can be said that the evaluation of this live-action film has continued to rise from the decision to become a film to the present. PV is more and more satisfying, and you can see it with your heart. I hope it will not be disappointing when it is released.

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