“Moon”: 22 years later, this “anti-RPG” indie game finally landed in the European and American markets

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For those who often play video games, “moon” has an irresistible charm. “Moon” will prompt you to think about many questions: “Why can heroes in the game break into houses and steal things from people’s drawers? Why do heroes have to kill thousands of innocent monsters?”

Driven by classic games such as “Final Fantasy” and “Dragon Quest” and their series, Japanese RPG has become popular. As an “anti-RPG” work, “moon” satirizes many parts of these games. In the game, a boy is suddenly sucked into the TV while playing the role-playing game “Moon World” and becomes a hero-but he cannot fight monsters and upgrades, but needs to collect love.

“Don’t be a hero.” The slogan in the game reads, “Experience love, experience “moon”.”

“Moon” was released for PS version in Japan in 1997. According to the original plan, “moon” will also be released in English, and has even appeared at E3, but due to some unknown reasons, the version was cancelled.

At the end of August this year, the situation changed: 22 years after the original release in Japan, the English version of “moon” finally landed on Switch. Taking this opportunity, Vice interviewed Yoshiro Kimura, the screenwriter of “Moon”, and asked him to talk about some behind-the-scenes stories about making the English localized version of the game.

Several core developers of “moon” have participated in the production of many Japanese-style RPGs, such as several generations of the “Romantic Shaka” series (note: many employees of the “moon” developer have worked for Square). Later, they also made a weird kissing game “Chulip” and a survival horror game (Rule of Rose). In addition, the popular game Undertale was also inspired by “moon”.

Tobyfox, the developer of Undertale, once tweeted that he was inspired by Moon.

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