New trends in the US game market: the rise of sandboxes and traditional FPS, coloring game revenue plummeted by 80%

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Recently, Kalle Heikkinen, the chief game analyst of the GameRefinery blog, analyzed the in-app purchase revenue performance of Top 500 games in the iOS market in the United States. According to the revenue (Rev), market share (MS), and revenue changes of this market in Q2 of 2020 (with 2019) Q2 Comparison) Several indicators show that in the context of the epidemic in the US mobile game market, which manufacturers have the largest changes in revenue, and which sub-categories have opened up new opportunities?

Gameplay,Category, and Sub-category comparison

In the general direction of gameplay, the market share of casual games and gambling games has increased, compared with the decrease in the share of Zhongnu and sports games, but all directions have increased in revenue.

In terms of categories, the market share of the strategy category has shrunk; while the simulation category performed very well, with a market share increase of 3.75%, and revenue increased by nearly US$80 million; the only categories where revenue declined were AR and sports.

In terms of sub-categories, even if the market share has declined slightly, match-3 is still the largest category in the U.S. game market with 15.95%, but slot games are also very close; the construction/combat category is the top ten sub-categories The only category in which revenue has declined; and the sub-categories with the largest revenue jump are sandbox and traditional FPS, with “Roblox” and “Call of Duty Mobile Games” being the masterpieces.

Game Manufacturer Performance

In terms of manufacturers, Roblox has taken the lead in both market share and revenue performance, becoming the most eye-catching manufacturer this quarter; other notable ones are Activision and Moon Active, which are much more important than “Call of Duty Mobile Games” and “Gold Coins”. The outstanding performance of “Master”; and Supercell, ranked fourth, is the only manufacturer in the Top 10 that has experienced a decline in revenue, and its quarterly revenue has fallen by $21.43 million year-on-year.

Severely Affected Subcategories

Although most games have seen revenue growth during the epidemic, there are also some sub-categories that are not so lucky, such as the construction/combat category led by “Clash of Clans”, whose revenue fell by 12.46 million US dollars year-on-year; and Coloring games, the in-app purchase revenue of this sub-category plummeted by 80% year-on-year. Perhaps they need more innovation in commercialization methods.


In general, in the U.S. market in Q2 of 2020, almost all categories have increased in revenue, showing a good market status; in terms of sub-categories, sandbox and traditional FPS have opened up more market shares. The more traditional construction/combat and simulated battles are becoming less popular among players; Roblox, Activision and Moon Active are the three companies with the largest market share growth, while Supercell faces many challenges; more detailed The income of small categories such as coloring games is weak, and the future faces many challenges.

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