No Man’s Sky

Strategy Game

No Man’s Sky is a game with the theme of space exploration, adventure and survival. The game is full of randomly generated planets for players to explore, almost as infinite. At the same time, because the game uses algorithms to generate planets, the game itself is not large and can be played completely offline.

In August 2016, No Man’s Sky has been officially launched on the Hong Kong service PSN store. The Chinese version is priced at 398 Hong Kong dollars and includes early purchase bonuses.

Game Evaluation

Developers have stated on social media more than once that No Man’s Sky was so expected by players that they were deeply frightened. From the perspective of the game’s release, the overwhelming publicity did make us forget one. The thing is that Hello Games is essentially an independent game studio, and No Man’s Sky is essentially an independent game. As an independent game, although it still has many inevitable roughness on its body, it is definitely capable of winning many industry awards in 2016. But when its initial publicity stunt was filled with something non-existent by the players’ brains, the players’ sense of gap will inevitably affect the evaluation of the entire player community.

One thing worth mentioning is that in the vision of Hello Games, the current No Man’s Sky is not its final form. Although the developers have not made real promises, they do imply that multiple players may be added in the future. Cooperation and construction and other interesting things. From a technical point of view, this is indeed a work with explosive potential, but as to whether these things can be realized, or when they can be realized, then only God knows.

Although no one can say whether the style of the game is good or bad, the monotonous gameplay and poor optimization make it difficult to get high scores as a game. Hello Games is still a new production team, and from the perspective of this game, they do have extraordinary ideas. Maybe with the increase of experience, Hello Games will bring works that truly surprise all players. No Man’s Sky may just A starting point.

No Man’s Sky does have its promised endless exploration, but when you can’t find something interesting no matter how far you go in the interstellar space, players whose interests have been exhausted will eventually stop the so-called “endless” explore”. All in all, the steps of No Man’s Sky are a bit big, so that it can’t end perfectly in the end.

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