Oboro Muramasa:The Demon Blade

Action Game

“Oboro Muramasa: The Demon Blade” is an action role-playing game jointly developed by Vanillaware and MMV, released on April 9, 2009.

The plot of the game is set in Japan under the rule of General Tokugawa Tsunayoshi in the Genroku era. After the protagonist Hyakhe is occupied by Jin Kuro, he embarks on a journey to find a way to restore his original state. As the game progresses, the protagonist can still Use various famous knives in Japanese legends.

Background setting

There are several demon knives in this world. Once they are pulled out, they must suck blood.

The famous sword that was originally full of spirit was infested by the blood wave full of hate for a long time and transformed into a demon sword full of yin and evil spirit. The person holding the demon sword will gradually indulge in the joy of killing and eventually die.

That was the era when General Tokugawa Tsunayoshi ruled during the Genroku period. In the peaceful and prosperous age, there is a breath of demon. The people who fight around the demon sword, their desire, benevolence, confusion, and disputes have attracted the ghosts and ghosts, and the dragons and ghosts have also been involved in the calamity of war.

In order to collect the long-lost demon swords, Onisuke and Hyakki search for the scattered demon swords all over Japan.

Character setting

Main character

There are two operable characters in the game: Guisuke, the young ninja; Hyakki, the princess of Mino Kunming. Although there are male and female protagonists, their character attributes, equipment and moves are exactly the same. However, the bosses challenged and the plot are different. Hyakuhime starts from Sagami Country in Edo and travels from east to west towards Yamato Country in Kyoto, while Onisuke’s route is just the opposite, starting from Yamashiro Country in Kyoto March to the Musashi country of Edo.

Secondary role

In addition to helping the protagonist, NPCs in the game also greatly promote the development of the game’s plot.

Item props


There are two types of swords in the game, Taito and Odachi. Taito is characterized by agility, fast attack speed and small rigidity; while Odachi is characterized by higher attack power accompanied by slower speed, greater rigidity and attack range. At the same time, Odachi can also have a longer suspension. Time, and suitable for eradicating a large number of enemies gathered together.

Each knife has a special profound meaning as a nirvana. Whenever you use Upanishad or use a knife to block, it will consume the knife’s own spiritual power slot. When the spiritual power slot is exhausted, the knife will break and cause damage to the character. At this time, only the used knife is waiting to be broken. The sword can only be used after its spiritual power is fully restored. Collecting souls at this time can speed up the sword’s recovery speed.

A total of 108 knives can be collected and used in the game. Each knife has different attack power, additional attributes and exclusive skills. The collection methods include BOSS drop, magic cave drop, self-casting, and obtained by triggering different endings.


The consumables in the game are divided into pot dishes and shop dishes. Because the background of the game is ancient Japan, the props in the game are all in the style of ancient Japan, such as some rice balls, miso juice, 団子, etc.

These consumables are generally used to restore the player’s health, but some special consumables can increase the player’s special attributes in a short time. The amount of domestic money purchased rose. Almost every dish can give players different attributes, and these are essential items in the battle against BOSS in high difficulty mode.

Scene map

The game’s scene map is set during the Genroku period in ancient Japan. The scenes in the game are all well-known locations in ancient Japan such as Yamato, Iga, Owari, Mikawa and Izu.

Because it is a horizontal version of the game, each scene map can be switched freely, but because the scene is too big, the game sets each area into an infinite number of small areas, and some small areas have only one screen distance.

The screen in the game is 2D horizontal, so the game environment can only be embedded in the background. There is almost no special terrain in the game, only some trees and houses can be climbed by the player.

Game Reviews

Vanillaware’s exquisite style to the extreme action game, the game is refreshing, the boss is also full of style, the difficulty is also quite high, players often need to challenge many times to be able to pass. The multiple DLC content launched after the game is also very colorful, from Dagen farmers to ghost girls.

“Oboro Muramasa: The Demon Blade” is a real action clearing game, simple operation brings the ultimate fighting feeling, and the growth method of collecting demon swords is also very fresh. In the game, you can use magnificent moves to create swords, lights, swords and shadows, so as to pursue the most refreshing feeling of slashing. You can also use tactics such as rebound and transformation to use enemy attacks to counter battle.

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