“Overwatch” CG full analysis, Reinhardt’s growth path of the Crusaders

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“Overwatch” has produced a lot of excellent game CGs since its launch, and each of them has brought a lot of touch and tears to people. In addition to family affection, there are also love and friendship. After watching CG, many people feel that it is not addictive, and even watched it several times. The CG quality of “Overwatch” can be said to be awarded for every one. After all, for CG production, Blizzard can say yes. professional. In addition, many players joked that Blizzard is a film and music manufacturing company that was delayed by the game. After thinking about it, this description is really quite accurate.

With so many game CGs, I don’t know which CG you all like. Among them, my favorite is “Honor and Glory”, which mainly tells the story of Reinhardt. In the minds of many Overwatch players, Reinhardt is estimated to be a role of a tool man, but those who have seen this CG will respect his character and even say that he admires his approach. The beginning of “Honor and Glory” CG talks about Reinhardt and Brigitte discussing in Eichenwald’s bar. Specifically, Winston wants to reconvene Overwatch, Reinhart is preparing to return, but Brigitte Jitt disagreed, because Reinhardt was driven away by Overwatch, not after OW was disbanded.

But from the other CG and comics of “Overwatch”, it can be seen that Reinhardt has a pretty good relationship with Anna, Torbjörn and Winston. It is also obvious from the Christmas cartoons with Anna that Reinhardt often visits Torbjörn’s home. Even in the “Overwatch” game, Reinhart and Winston’s lines are interactive. For example, Reinhart and Winston said that Reinhart wants to protect the people. Ston immediately responded loudly and said: Yes! Sir! This is the case between them, a state of mutual respect and understanding.

At the back of the CG of “Honor and Glory”, there is a very classic line, that is the dialogue between the leaders of the German Crusade, Baldrich and Reinhardt: “Live for honor” “Die for honor” “It seems that two irrelevant words, in fact, they run through the essence of this short film. It also symbolizes their lives. I have a deep feeling when I see Reinhardt when I was young, and when I saw Reinhardt when I was old. This feeling is the same as seeing “Wolverine 3” before. There is a feeling of heroic twilight. He was so unruly when he was young, but now he has been ravaged by the years and turned into this, which is a bit uncomfortable.

But anyone will experience this, it’s just a matter of time, some people are early, some people are late. Behind the “Honor and Glory” CG, Reinhardt gave his weapon to Baldridge, but he is uncomfortable at this moment, because he is about to watch his teacher, close friend and comrade in front of him Sacrifice, and he has no way to help him with what happened. Baldrige used his sacrifice to let Reinhardt understand that in order to protect civilians, the Crusaders must sacrifice themselves without hesitation. After the war, Baldrige smiled because he knew that Reinhardt was now a true crusader.

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