“Pikmin 3 Deluxe” review: as always, the charm is undiminished

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When it comes to the “Pikmin” series, everyone can’t avoid the evaluations of “cute”, “small” and “stupid”, but in my opinion, this game “makes people feel overwhelmed.” The concept is also the core of the series. In the game, players command a group of “tool men” to defeat all kinds of enemies. They wave their small fists and slam huge insects and other pests until the opponent is defeated. Every day, players need to deal with multiple tasks (usually conflicting tasks), so as the day time passes ruthlessly, players must learn to manage tasks and prioritize them.

When “Pikmin 3” first landed on the Wii U platform, a new mechanism was added, allowing players to alternately control three different little astronauts. If one of them has nothing to do, it is simply wasting your precious time and resources. All tasks are competing for your attention. When you are busy back and forth in them, one accident will make yourself busy, and always feel that you have too much time to multi-thread.

But to be precise, this kind of “overwhelming time” is actually more interesting and full of challenges. “Pikmin 3” does not completely change the mission goal or simplify the mission, but it allows players to add a facilitator role to the game, allowing you to focus more on coordination and cooperation instead of various tedious micro-operation management.

Don’t worry if you haven’t played the original game. When you choose the single player mode, “Pikmin 3 Deluxe” is basically the same as the original game. As an alien astronaut, players need to search for fruits and other food on the planet PNF-404, which resembles the earth, in this way to save their home. These astronauts are relatively small, so the orange juice provided by one orange is enough for the three of them to survive for several days. However, because their size is really too small, even if the three people work hard to help, it is still difficult to transport these trophies back to their own spacecraft. So Pikmin came in handy. These friendly little creatures are happy to run around with things, they can find shortcuts in the level scenes, and will fight the “huge” beasts for you.

Pikmin has several different colors, and each type has special abilities. The pink Pikmin can fly over streams and ponds, and the blue Pikmin can dive into the water. If you switch to other Pikmin to dive, they will only drown unfortunately. Fortunately, players can convert the corpses of defeated enemies into new Pikmin seeds, in this way to maintain the number of Pikmin. The principle here may make you think about it extremely… Therefore, it is better to think less. During the player experience, the game will introduce the new Pikmin to the player as it progresses, and inspire you to take Pikmin to review the previous map levels, because this time they can help you solve the previously insurmountable obstacles.

The story mode itself is full of fun, thanks in large part to its “crazy chaotic” characteristics. When the astronauts resume contact, if you want to spend the day successfully, you need some planning. Sometimes, players need to throw teammates through gaps or split up to reach a certain area. “Pikmin 3 Deluxe” removed the map on the Wii U touch screen, but added a cooperative mode to the story mode, which is a good trade-off. It has injected new vitality into the game and made some very difficult challenges easier to operate.

In the cooperative mode, another player can enter the game at any time through the split-screen cooperative mode. Every player can use Pikmin to explore the map freely, looking for fruits and other elements. The original game actually has this cooperative mode form for a long time, but at the beginning there were only AI companions or multiplayer missions. In “Pikmin 3 Deluxe”, players can experience unprecedented convenience, it is easier to coordinate the goals of each day in the game, and find effective ways to achieve them.

Need to build a bridge? Then I can concentrate on this one point with my small team. At the same time, my teammates focused on the task of searching for hidden fruits. From a functional point of view, this is the same as before, but now I can easily talk with another person, make suggestions together, or be intelligent and adaptable. This is far more attractive than I thought.

In addition to story mode, players can also experience side missions. Most of the branches come from the original game or the original DLC, but the official also designed a series of brand new missions, players can experience the adventure story with Oulima and Louis as the protagonists. Although these are just small updates, I really enjoy the process of mastering each challenge technique (challenging tasks with a helper) and unlocking the platinum badge for each challenge. In addition, I also like the adjustments made by the official game type. They even made some small changes on the map I am familiar with. Although it’s not very exciting to see the creeks passing by dozens of times dry up, it can adjust the pace of the game well.

“Pikmin 3 Deluxe” is one of my favorite Wii U platform games, which is not a polite remark. With “Pikmin 3 Deluxe”, players who have not been familiar with the original version now have the opportunity to experience the fun of it on the Switch platform. What’s even better is that the game gives full play to its potential and gives everyone a new experience. Even if it’s just to carry oranges and grapes, it still allows everyone to get together and enjoy the game.

Players can revisit the original 2013 version. The new work adds a plot cooperation mode and a series of brand new follow-up tasks on the basis of action/strategy.

The cartoon-style characters are matched with realistic scenes and object painting styles, and the picture effects on TV and handheld are very good.

Sound effect
The background music is very pleasant, and when the enemy approaches, the music becomes urgent. The scream that happened when Pikmin was dying was also shocking and made me feel terrified.

After removing the dedicated screen of Wii U, managing multiple characters in single player mode is not as convenient as before, but the game adds a cooperative mode, which is also a good trade-off.

For both new and old players, the strategy and exploration elements of this game are as always full of charm.

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