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“PlanetSide 2” is a super large MMOFPS developed by Sony Online Entertainment, and one of the FPS online games. It is a free online game of the order of thousands of real warfare developed by SOE. The game has three camps and six occupations.

History background

In 2345, mankind first discovered a gap in the universe-“wormhole”
   2370 The earth’s resources are on the verge of exhaustion, and wars have broken out on a global scale. People call this war the “War of the End”
  2444 Humans once again detected the existence of a gap in the universe, launched a probe, and intercepted a piece of mysterious “outside the sky” information
   In 2445, the “War of the End” ended. In the same year, T.R.—the Earth Republic was formally established. What puzzles all historians is that in the 78-year war, mankind has never used extermination weapons such as nuclear bombs and anti-matter bombs.
  2632 Tom Connery (former President of the Earth Republic) went on an expedition to the asteroid belt. For the first time, mankind learned of the existence of an alien civilization and discovered an alien statuette.
   In 2640, the universe “wormhole” opened for the third time, led by the commander of the Earth Republic, Tom Connery
The expedition team crossed the “wormhole” historically, and 75,000 volunteers participated in this historical space exploration
   In 2648, mankind first discovered the terrestrial planet outside the solar system-Orassis. This event announced that mankind has officially entered the era of interstellar colonization
  2845 Peace lasted for nearly 200 years. The All-out War in Orassis broke out. The participating parties were divided into three camps. The Earth Republic, the New Federation, and the sovereign states of Vanu joined in for their own interests and national ideas. There are three major camps in the background of “PlanetSide 2”, the oldest of which is the Earth Republic (Terran Republic, T.R.). They came from the ancient earth and were fortunate to be the first group of distant star colonies. But how did they travel hundreds of light-years from the distant earth to the planet of Olasis today?

End of War

When talking about the origin of the Earth Republic, it can be traced back to the dark age that human beings plunged into for nearly a century before leaving the Earth Sphere. Historians call it the “War of the End”. The cause of this war is the Earth Sphere. The problem of energy depletion, human civilization is almost ended by itself in the struggle for the only remaining energy.
After the end of the 78-year “War of the End” of the Earth Circle, the Earth Republic was formally established in 2445, and within 20 years it became the only government agency on the planet, with strong resource control capabilities and the power to distribute them. Mankind entered a golden age of rapid development in the following 200 years. It should be said that the Earth Republic has maintained a stable social environment during this period and played an irreplaceable role in the process of mankind’s journey to the age of interstellar exploration.
   As for the reason for the end of the unprecedented Earth Sphere War, mankind has yet to have a clear statement. T.R.’s official statement is that the war ended with human self-reflection and redemption. However, some scholars still believe that the threat of alien species and the hope of mankind to explore a new world after the opening of the wormhole was the reason why the war was finally ended. Another unsolved mystery is that in the 78 years since the “War of the End” broke out, mankind has not used any extinct weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear weapons and anti-matter weapons. Therefore, there are countless versions of conspiracies circulating on that battlefield. On the argument.

Cosmic crack

The cosmic “wormhole” appeared in the solar system four times before humans entered the era of interstellar colonization. It does not rule out the possibility that it has appeared before, but human technology is not enough to detect its existence. Its appearance directly affects the fate of the entire human civilization.
   In 2345, mankind first discovered the existence of cosmic gaps in the solar system;
   The gap in the universe appeared for the second time in 2444 and destroyed Pluto when it was closed. For the first time, mankind realized the existence of extraterrestrial civilization, and the “End War” ended the following year;
   appeared for the third time in 2542, and human beings have not yet possessed long-distance space navigation technology;
   “Wormhole” appeared four times in 2640. The Commander of the Earth Republic Tom Connery led an expedition fleet of 75,000 volunteers through the wormhole. Two years later, Tom Connery was killed in a fleet rebellion.
The person who had a significant influence on the future of human civilization during this period was Tom Connery, the former President of the Earth Republic and a space explorer. He discovered alien civilization in the outer planetary belt during the solar system exploration boom in the early 27th century. Clues to existence, and after resigning as president in 2632, they organized an expedition to go to the planetary belt again. This time they found a small statue left by an alien. He believed that this small statue will rewrite the future of mankind. In 2640 When the hole appeared for the fourth time, Tom Connery used all his resources to organize a huge space expedition fleet to sail towards the unknown world behind the “wormhole”.
   The “wormhole” collapsed after the fleet passed through. Tom Connery lost all rear support, the fleet was also hit hard, and about 40,000 fleet members survived. In the following period, the fleet was shrouded in desperation, factional conflicts were frequent, and Tom Connery was forced to order militarized control.
On January 6, 2642, in a secret negotiation with the opposition, Tom Connery, along with 592 crew members and civilians, were killed in the exploration 7 explosion, which was later called the “unknown agent’s brutal treason”. The New Commonwealth (NC) organization gradually surfaced after this incident.

Terrestrial planet

Horasis and Total War

In 2648, 8 years after humans passed through the wormhole, they discovered a terrestrial planet suitable for carbon-based organisms and named it Orassis. They also found an alien statue here, the same as they did 16 years ago. Found exactly the same on the other side of the wormhole, Horasis was officially confirmed as having an alien civilization.
After Tom Connery’s sacrifice and several rebellions, the Earth Republic continued to implement a tough and high-pressure policy on Olassis, but fortunately, human curiosity about the new world temporarily eased various contradictions. , Peace lasted for more than a hundred years.
In the next 200 years, the new Confederation and the sovereign state of Vanu split from the original Earth Republic’s regime in Orassis. There are still serious differences in the history of the whole incident, but there is evidence that the establishment of the new confederation seems to be The moment Tom Connery’s fleet set off from the earth was doomed, the conspiracy involved several ancient secret societies on the earth.
The sovereign state of Vanu has the top scientific research elite of all mankind, but reporters who sneaked into the core of its organization reported that its interior is closer to the religious hierarchical structure of human beings in the Middle Ages, and the source of all “gods” and rebirth technology The “consciousness” information carried by the statuette can only be directly received by some high-level members through the brain, but all people who touched this secret disappeared from public view without exception.
At the same time, the level of human science and technology is also locked in the four-dimensional space that we can recognize now. More progress is almost entirely dependent on the discovery of “extraterrestrial archaeology”, and the never-ending war makes the only technological progress possible. Become hopeless.

Featured system editor

Combat system

2000 soldiers fought fiercely on the same battlefield, thousands of soldiers fought fiercely on the same battlefield, and 11 unique land and air vehicles were fighting in three-dimensional combat. The scale of battle in “PlanetSide 2” is not limited to a force of dozens of people, but a legion of hundreds of people, and a camp of thousands of people. In addition to the infantry unit, there will be ground and air vehicles on the battlefield. The battlefield may be in open fields, ice and snow, and alien forests. If you want to win such a large-scale battle, you need strategic teamwork and quick response from each player.

Lighting system

A real 24-hour cycle lighting system, an online game engine that supports thousands of people with the same picture. “PlanetSide 2” uses SOE’s newly developed ForgeLight™ engine, which can realize Real-time Global Illumination, Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion, Real-time Radiosity, Real-time changes in day and night, facial animation (Facial Animation) and other advanced rendering effects, and support nVidia PhysX physics engine. ForgeLight™ engine is a native online game engine, developed according to the design requirements of massively multiplayer online games.

Special effects system

“PlanetSide 2” uses SOE’s newly developed ForgeLight™ engine, which can realize Real-time Global Illumination, Screen-Space Ambient Occlusion, Real-time Radiosity, Real-time changes in day and night, facial animation (Facial Animation) and other advanced rendering effects, and support nVidia PhysX physics engine.

Contention system

The core pre-content of “PlanetSide 2” is the competition for key areas and the control of rare resources. Every battlefield contains valuable resources and strategically contested areas. The forces that conquer and occupy these regions will obtain additional resources and ammunition, and will have an advantage in technical research. The strategies and tactics of either camp will be subject to interference and restraint by the other two camps in actual combat. The map in the game will contain several continents, and every inch of land will become the object of competition for all forces. In the new generation of games centered on territorial control, even if there are no particularly important military facilities or unique functions, land is still the focus of competition among various forces.

Career system

6 major professions, 11 types of vehicles exclusive certificate skill tree, rich custom weapon content. Players can access more than 20 basic weapons, and these weapons will be personalized in the game according to the player’s performance and preferences. At the same time, you can customize the appearance of your weapons and vehicles.

Skill system

Players can create their own characters to suit their own game style, or to meet the needs of teams, legions, and factions. There will be a large number of skill trees for players to choose from combat units, vehicles and weapons. These skill trees based on the “battle certificate” system allow players to develop characters in different directions, unlock weapons, appendages, equipment, proprietary skills and other game content, so as to create personalized characters with different specializations.

Faction category

There are three camps in the game: Earth Republic (Terran Republic, referred to as: TR), New Conglomerate (abbreviated as: NC) and Vanu Sovereignty (Vanu Sovereignty, referred to as VS). Unique camp appearance style, completely different tactical features. Players can choose to join the three camps of the Earth Republic, the New Federation, and Vanu Sovereignty in the game, and fight for the interests of their respective camps. Every inch of territory will be the focus of war. All three camps have exclusive weapons and vehicles. Different camps have different weapon performance, and their tactics in the battlefield are different. Players can choose the exclusive equipment in the camp according to their weapon preferences.

Earth Republic

The Earth Republic (TR), a highly centralized government, uses military power to exercise strict rule over citizens of the space colonies. The Republic places great emphasis on law and order. Some people regard it as a force of oppression and dictatorship, but more people believe that the Republic is the last guarantee for maintaining the safety of the planet Olassis. (Glorious tradition dedicated to resisting cults and suppressing riots) The color of the camp is red, and the design of weapons and equipment is more to dump a large amount of ammunition. The design of the weapons is relatively sleek, simple, rough and practical.

New federation

The New Confederation (NC) is a loose alliance formed by a group of dissidents. They stand firmly against the Earth Republic and are the Republic’s biggest obstacle on the planet Olassis. Under the leadership of representatives of the poor class, industrial tycoons, pirates, terrorists, and former military officials, the New Federation unswervingly resisted the rule of the Republic. In order to achieve their goals, they do not hesitate to pay any price. (You only have three choices of political imprisonment (Earth Republic), religion (Sovereign State of Vanu) or death in battle) The color of the blue is a symbol of anarchy, freedom and independence. The weapon and equipment are designed to cause a lot of destructive power. Appearance The design is more square, with a strong sense of three-dimensionality, and is equally simple and rude.

Sovereign State of Vanu

From the development process of the Vanu Sovereign State (VS), we can see that only through technological advancement can human development enter a new stage. The technology of the sovereign state of Vanu is highly developed, and they have adopted a large number of alien technologies on the battlefield. The sovereign state has a supreme goal, which is to unearth hidden secrets among the ancient ruins scattered on the planet Olassis. Anyone who dares to stop will be ruthlessly destroyed. (Don’t believe that hegemony will bring civilization, and don’t believe that distorted ideas of freedom, technology is power).

Game Reviews

Sense of battlefield

The sense of battlefield of “PlanetSide 2” is also particularly outstanding. Each map of the game can support about 2000 people. In the two days of game time, the author can often meet more than 100 people (both oneself and the other side are 100+) large fighting. During the war, there are mountains and fields/the whole building is full of enemies, and it will come out of every corner, and fall under the enemy’s gun if you are not careful.
However, the quality of the server still needs to be improved. It may be due to the test server. When I was playing Zhengshuang last night, I lost the connection twice. After the connection was dropped, it was not on the battle map but the main base of the camp. It took a long time.
Game coordination
There are five basic professions in “PlanetSide 2”: “Infiltrator”, “Engineer”, “Medical”, “Light Assault Soldier”, and “Heavy Assault Soldier”. These five major professional players can complete the switch as long as they are in the corresponding terminal without any conditions. Players can also switch to corresponding units to kill the enemy according to different battlefield forms. This makes the entire game more free and diverse, and the player’s fighting style can also be weird and changeable. For novice players, being able to experience various game styles at will to find their own suitable path is undoubtedly particularly friendly.
The heavy combat unit “MAX Mecha”, various vehicles and aircraft, all need resource points to be exchanged at designated terminals, and there will be a certain amount of CD time after exchange. This restricts the balance of the game carried out by heavy units, so that the game will not become a battle of tanks and airplanes all over the mountains.

Combat strategy

As an FPS game, the pleasure of fighting is also very important. In “PlanetSide 2”, different types of battles are very different and each have their own characteristics and corresponding tactics. This is well designed, but there are fewer channels for players to communicate directly with players in the game. Of course, after joining the corps, the corps generally has its own yy, and the commander will command operations in the yy. But for scattered people, there is only one way to charge with the large forces. The game provides a shortcut language function, press “v+number” to speak the corresponding request, and all players around can hear it. But language functions are relatively small, and players sometimes have to type to communicate, which is almost impossible to achieve in fierce battles. However, it is said that the real-time voice in the game has been implemented in the US server, as long as you hold down a specific key to speak, players around you can hear it. This undoubtedly makes direct communication between the team faster and more convenient, and is also beneficial to the captain’s offensive and defensive arrangements.
Game screen
The graphics of this generation of “Planetary Side” are quite good, and the full special effects can match those of “Crysis 3”. The details of the objects, light and shadow effects, water flow, vegetation, explosions, and smoke all look very real without any abrupt feeling. It can be said to greatly restore the battle screen that should be in the game. However, the price of the picture is the high requirements for the configuration of the computer. Simply put, you need a 4-core CPU, 8G of memory (the 4G memory of the base friend is not enough), a graphics card with more than 1G of video memory and a 64-bit Windows 7 operating system to ensure a better and smooth game. Such “high-end configuration” makes many players discouraged. Not only that, but also many Internet cafes fail to reach this level. This “fault” makes “Planetary 2” only a niche game, unable to allow a large number of ordinary players to experience the content of the game.
The various sound effects in the game are still quite good. Expert players can tell which camp is the infiltrator based on the sound made by the infiltrator; when the aircraft is damaged, it can be heard whether it is an anti-aircraft gun attack or another hostile one. The plane of the camp. These are enough to show that the developers have worked hard on sound effects.

Role growth

The role of the game’s growth is too slow, and the improvement is not large, so the player’s willingness to grow will become very low, but on the other hand, it also reduces the gap between novice players and veterans, making it more suitable for newcomers to join the battle .

General comment

But in general, even though “PlanetSide 2” has such shortcomings, it is one of the few boutique games. No other game can fight on such a vast battle map, support so many comrades to fight together, provide such a fine game screen, and create such a real game sound effect. Focusing on these points, I think that players are still worth trying to experience this game.

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