Prince of Persia

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“Prince of Persia” is an action game electronic game developed by Ubisoft and Broderhund and released by Ubisoft in 1989. Distributed on PC, PS3, PSP, XBOX360 and other platforms.

Game Settings

Game story

Many people think that time is like a river, always moving in one direction.
Indian King Mohammed and Mage Wiesel came to the abandoned Isle of Time and took away the relics of the Queen of Time—the hourglass of time and the dagger of time.

Later, in order to take these two treasures as his own, in order to achieve the goal of immortality, Wiesel betrayed Muhammad. He urged the Persian King Saraman to attack India, and promised to open the gates of India as the inner city. At the end of the war, Shalaman got the hourglass and captured the princess Farah of India. Because of his outstanding performance in the war, the prince of Persia got his first trophy-the dagger of time.

When the Persian army triumphantly stayed in the Azad Sultan’s Palace, the resentful Wiesel tempted the Prince of Persia to open the hourglass of time with a dagger. The sand of time released instantly swallowed the entire palace and turned Saraman into a monster of sand. .

The prince had to kill his father. In distress, the escaped Indian princess Farah told the prince that as long as the dagger of time was reinserted into the hourglass of time, time would go back and return to the beginning of everything. So the prince and Farah began their adventure.

As the adventure continues, the emotions of the prince and Farah are also undergoing subtle changes. Finally, Farah quietly left the prince with the dagger of time. The prince found Farah, but watched Farah fall to his death. The sad prince took the dagger back and inserted it into the hourglass.

With the desperate call of Wiesel, time went backwards before the Persian army attacked India. The prince who kept his memory sneaked into Princess Farah’s bedroom on the eve of the attack and told her everything, including Wiesel’s betrayal. The exposed Wiesel became angry and wanted to kill Farah and blame the prince, but the prince wiped out. Later, the prince persuaded his father Saraman to withdraw the army, and everything seemed to be calm again. But no one expected that the fate of the prince has been cursed: anyone who uses the outdated dagger has a dead end.

“Because the prince used the dagger of time to destroy the balance of time. And Dahaka was born to restore the balance of time. He is invincible like time. Dahaka will chase the prince like a shadow. Until the prince’s life comes to an end.”

The prince got the news that his fate was cursed from a blind old man. In order to change his tragic destiny, the prince plans to go to the Isle of Time, go back in time, and return to the moment when the Queen of Time made the Sand of Time to prevent the birth of the Sand of Time.

The prince who had gone through difficulties finally reached the island of time and returned to the past through the time teleportation point on the island. There, the prince met a red-dressed girl named Kailena. Kailena helped the prince. She told the prince how to open the door of the room where the Queen of Time was.

During the adventure, a mysterious man in black appeared around the prince from time to time, not knowing whether it was a friend or an enemy. What makes people even more strange is that the guardian of the last time, Dahaka, suddenly appeared in front of the prince and the man in black, but Dahaka killed the man in black, and then left without paying attention to the prince! The puzzled prince opened the door to the Queen of Time’s room with Kailena’s help, but was surprised to find that Kailena was the Queen of Time! An angry Kailena told the prince that the reason she helped the prince was to make the prince be killed by those institutions in the process of opening the door, or be killed by the time guardian Dahaka. It turns out that Kelena also predicted her fate through the timeline: she will be killed by the Prince of Persia himself! Also in order to change his tragic fate, the Queen of Time and the prince started a life and death battle, and finally the prince had no choice but to kill Kailena!

Before dying, Kailena told the prince: No one can change their destiny, you will work hard like me, but you will die like me! Afterwards, Kailena’s body burst out with a golden light.

The prince returned through the time teleportation point before killing his father. The prince, who thought it was all over, suddenly found that Dahakar, the guardian of time, was still chasing him. Only then did the prince remember that the golden light after Kailena’s death was the sand of time! (The prince thought that the Sand of Time was made by the Queen of Time Kailena, and killing Kailena could prevent the birth of the Sand of Time, but the fact is that the Sand of Time was born because the prince killed Kailena. The Sands of Time is what Kailena’s body became after her death) The desperate prince was trapped in a catacomb by Dahaka. Just when all thoughts were lost, the words on the wall attracted the attention of the prince.

According to written records: Back then, King Muhammad and the mage Wiesel of India came to the abandoned Isle of Time. In the process of capturing the Hourglass of Time, Muhammad was unfortunately killed by the Guard of Time. Fortunately, a black mask made He had a second chance…

As if seeing a ray of light in the darkness, the prince temporarily escaped Dahakar’s pursuit and went to find the black mask. Finally at the end of the Isle of Time, the prince found the black mask. The prince put on the mask returned to the moment he first arrived in the Isle of Time, and became a man in black. It turned out that the man in black who appeared from time to time during his adventure was actually himself.

After another effort, the prince finally prevented himself from being killed by Dahaka (Originally, Dahaka killed the man in black, but the prince did not let this happen, and Dahaka instead killed the original prince) , The prince changed back to his original appearance. Knowing what is going to happen next, the prince decided to use the time teleport point to bring the time queen Kailena to the front. So even if Kalena is dead, Sand of Time will not threaten herself. The prince who was transformed back successfully brought Kailena to the front, but Dahakar, the guardian of time, appeared again, only this time his target was changed to Kailena. This is a matter of course. Kailena did not belong to this era. In order to maintain the balance of time, Dahaka naturally aimed her at her. Because he couldn’t bear to be killed by Dahaka in this way, the prince used a water blade (this knife can damage Dahaka) brought back from the past to start a hand-to-hand battle with Dahaka.

In the end, with the cooperation of Kailena and the prince, Dahaka was miraculously eliminated. The victorious prince intends to take Kelena back to his hometown-Babylon in Persia, and wants to live a peaceful life from now on. But at this time, the city of Babylon is being ravaged by war…The voice of the blind old man is still lingering in the prince’s heart: You can’t change your destiny, no one can.

A few weeks later, the prince took Kelena away from the Isle of Time and returned to his hometown of Babylon, only to find that the entire Babylon was caught in a sea of ​​flames. The shocked and angry prince couldn’t believe what was in front of him, but then his ship was overturned by the flying fireball and separated from Kailena.

Kelena, who was unconscious, was taken by the invading army to the Palace of Babylon. The prince soon wanted to save her. In the palace, the angry prince was unfortunately captured by the enemy, but he was stunned to discover that the leader of the invading army was actually the evil wizard Wiesel who “has been killed by himself”! And Wiesel didn’t even know himself? It turns out that when the prince brought the Queen of Time, Kalena, to the previous moment, history has changed: since there is no sand of time, Wiesel will not betray Muhammad, and there will be no history of Persian invasion of India. , Wiesel would not know the prince, and of course he would not be killed by the prince.

History has changed, but Wiesel’s evil desires still cannot be changed.

Many years ago, Indian King Mohammed and Mage Wiesel came to the abandoned Isle of Time. Unlike the original history, they only found a dagger of time. As for the legendary Queen of Time and the Sand of Time, nothing has ever existed. Mark of. Wiesel, who was about to give up on the sands of time, suddenly discovered that the dagger of time had become active in the past few weeks. Wiesel quickly understood what had happened: before the Queen of Time came! Wiesel, who was dazzled by the desire for longevity, killed Muhammad, imprisoned the Indian princess Farah, and controlled the Indian army to attack Babylon! Trying to find the Queen of Time! The Queen of Time Kelina finally fell into the hands of Wiesel! The cruel Wiesel killed Kalena with the dagger of time and released the sands of time. He inserted the dagger into his body again, and then turned into a golden monster-Wiesel finally reached His desire to live forever. The entire city of Babylon was swallowed by the sand of time, and the invading army was all infected by the sand of time and turned into a monster of sand. Even the prince’s own arm was invaded by the sand of time. In a critical moment, the prince broke free, took the dagger of time, and left the Babylon Palace. The Sands of Time awakens the prince’s greatest enemy…

The prince who was infected by the sands of time felt that another evil personality-the dark prince was born in his body. The dark prince is cunning, cruel, and has no sympathy for the weak, but when he is adventurous, the prince needs to transform into a dark prince to overcome difficulties.

In this strange combination, the prince met the Indian princess Farah he admired. Fara was also taken to Babylon after being imprisoned by Wiesel. Later, Farah escaped in the chaos of the Sands of Time and met the prince wandering in Babylon. At first, Farah deeply doubted the dual identity of the prince of Persia, but gradually re-established trust and friendship with the prince in subsequent adventures (Fara did not know him like Wiesel when he met the prince again). But in the course of the adventure, the dark prince’s infection became more and more serious, which made the prince himself deeply disturbed. Unfortunately, the reckless Farah was caught by Wiesel again, and the prince was plunged into a dark hole.

Finally, in the dark underground palace of Babylon, the prince found the body of his father, the king of Persia, Saraman. The grieving prince picked up his father’s sword, restrained the evil dark prince’s consciousness, and determined to seek revenge on Withel.

In the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the prince who holds the sword of the Persian emperor in his left hand and the dagger of time in his right fought a decisive battle with Wiesel! The victorious prince inserted the dagger of time into Wiesel’s heart, completely ending this evil soul.

Kailena, who has become the sand of time, once again transformed into a human form to say goodbye to the prince: this world does not belong to me, it has the world I belong to… The prince handed the dagger of time to Kailena, and Kailena turned it into Being the sand of time, drifting away.

After Kailena disappeared, the dark prince split from the prince’s inner world, trying to take everything from the prince, but the prince stepped out of the inner haze and finally eliminated the dark prince in the illusory world.

The sands of time are gone, the evil power is shattered, the people of the Persian Empire are saved by the prince, everything is over.

In the Hanging Gardens of Babylon, the prince once again told Farah the story of that time.

Prince of Persia

Game introduction

The “Prince of Persia” series began in 1989, when the production company was Broderhund Software, led by Jordan Mackina. The first version of the game was Apple’s MAC OS version, and after receiving praise, it continued to release various versions of PC, FC, MD and so on. Although many players don’t know the existence of this game, it is undeniable that this game established the “Prince of Persia” game as the originator of PC action adventure games, and also the beginning of this series as an immortal legend.

The scroll technology of the first generation was first applied to a computer game. With the movement of the protagonist, the background also moves accordingly, so that the protagonist’s adventure is as immersive, and the realism of its actions and battles is for the players. Unseen before, and this 3D version will be improved on this, adding more detailed character body movements and some more vivid cutscenes, of course, the changes in the scene are calculated in real time.


Jaffar, the national teacher of the Persian Kingdom, usurped the throne with evil power and put the beautiful princess under house arrest. The princess’s lover, the Prince Persia, was also sent to the jail. Before the greed, Jaffar, who had become lustful again, threatened the princess to marry him, otherwise he would send the princess and the prince to hell. But the princess only had one hour to think about where to go. With the help of a cute and clever little mouse from the princess friend, the prince got the news and successfully escaped from prison. In order to rescue the beloved, the adventure of the prince and the little mouse begins.

Prince of Persia: The Shadow and the Flame

Game introduction

After the success of the previous work, Broderhund launched the sequel “Prince of Persia: Shadow and Fire” in 1993. After four years of development, the picture of this work has been unprecedentedly improved, and the picture is more delicate and textured. The color is also much richer than the previous one. In addition to inheriting all the advantages of the previous game, the design of the puzzle level is even more impressive, and the game process is longer and more playable, supplemented by greatly enhanced graphics. Not only has it further consolidated its position, it has become the best model for all future action adventure games to learn from. And following the trend is also springing up.


After the princess and the prince of Persia went through hardships and the lovers finally got married, the evil Jaffar did not stop there. In order to occupy the princess, he used magic to turn the prince into a beggar, and he turned into a prince, preparing for the civet cat to exchange for the prince, and also hoped to put the prince to death. The prince who was not reconciled to capture had no choice but to jump out of the window to escape, once again embarking on the long road of escape and revenge.

Prince of Persia 3D

game introduction

“Prince of Persia 3D” is the third work in the series. Under the influence of 3D action games such as “Tomb Raider”, “Prince of Persia” has also begun a 3D experiment. The styles of the scenes in this work are very different. Only one level is in the dungeon. There are more than 15 levels in total. There is a strong Persian and Arab Middle Eastern style everywhere. As the plot develops, you will go to different locations. Adventure and battle, and the prince has to face different challenges depending on the location. For example, in the last city in the clouds, the prince has to use a lot of jumping skills to break through.

In addition to puzzles and jumps, the focus of the game is also on combat. The diverse enemies are another feature of the game. The enemies in the previous game are too monotonous. Almost the same dungeon guards continue to appear. Players can only mechanically slash and slash. This time is different. The character can use a variety of weapons in battle, of which the most commonly used Still arrows and swords (including magic arrows and two-handed swords), and the damage effects of each weapon are different. Some have slow moves but strong attack power, and some quick moves have less damage to attack. This is more flexible. Change the ground and adopt different strategies on different battlefields. There are more than 30 kinds of enemies to face in the game. Different enemies lie in ambush in specific areas and environments. As the prince advances, the enemies that appear will become more and more difficult, and the tricks of attack are different. Players have come to ponder and conclude.

This work has launched a value-shifted version on the Sega DC game platform. The name of the DC version is added with a title. The full title is “Prince of Persia: Arabian Nights” (translated as Prince of Persia: Arabian Nights). The DC version adds some new elements. And props.


After the first two ordeals, the prince and the princess finally became a pair. It’s a pity that the good times didn’t last long, and their happy life attracted jealousy and anger from their uncle Assan. With ghosts in mind, he leads the two couples into a trap, intending to snatch the princess away and marry his son Rugnor, while the prince is imprisoned in the dungeon. So the prince had to try his best to escape this dark prison and rescue his beloved wife.

Game Reviews

The Prince of Persia has passed through five generations since the 3Dization, and each generation has different styles, but the essence of the Prince of Persia series has not changed much, namely: solving puzzles and fighting. From the innovative and revolutionary Prince of Persia 1 in puzzles and pictures; Prince of Persia 2 with enriched plot and fighting; Prince of Persia 3 with dual protagonists and different weapons; Prince of Persia 4 with shabby innovation; Prince of Persia 5 returning to realism. It can be felt that the Prince of Persia series has a serious bottleneck after the third generation. Ubisoft has also seen this. The 4th and 5th generations feel that they are full of experimental works. But in the 4th and 5th generations, we can also see the possible direction of the Prince of Persia in the future:

  1. The application of natural elements in puzzles. The fifth generation uses water. In that world where deserts and oasis coexist, the application of sand may be what we can expect in the future, and the application of other natural elements should also be seen in the future Prince of Persia.
  2. Two-person cooperation mode. The performance in the 4th generation makes people see a little expectation. Maybe in the future, puzzles that need two people to cooperate, two bosses
    Makes the Prince of Persia one step further.
  3. Further application of the sand of time. In the second generation, the puzzle of time-space transformation can be called the biggest highlight of the second generation puzzle. In the future princes of Persia, it is also expected that how to design the puzzle of the sands of time can produce more time and space changes.
    A good work needs accurate positioning, and how to balance the share of puzzle solving and fighting scenes is also very important. In the Prince of Persia series, most of the organs are already well known by everyone. Over time, it will inevitably make people tired. How to make sophisticated organs really tests the level of producers. Hopefully, there will be an amazing organ design in the future.

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