Rayman2:The Great Escape

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“Rayman 2: The Great Escape” is an action game released by Ubisoft.

Game Introduction

I believe that every player who has played “Rayman II” will have the same feeling the moment they see the game screen—–this world is so beautiful! I haven’t played such a fresh and beautiful game for a long time. Those players who have long been accustomed to indulging in dark and tense games all day, may have forgotten the original purpose of the game—–easy. After intense work and study every day, the purpose of investing in the game is nothing more than to relax. “Rayman II” can bring you a pretty good experience.

It is believed that players with more seniority will still remember the horizontal version of the action game “Rayman” produced by Ubi Soft in the past few years and a series of educational software based on Rayman. Rayman can indeed be used as a synonym for Ubi Soft, but in a sense, the “Rayman” series serves children and the user base should be under twelve years old. “The French can’t make any promising games.” This concept seems to be solidified in the minds of many players. The appearance of “Rayman II” made many people admire Ubi Soft. Americans who have always looked down on French games can’t help but sigh: “It turns out that French people can make good games!” The director Spielberg City E3 greatly praised “Rayman II”, and the game was also released after it was launched abroad. Well received.

Story Background

The mysterious pirate Kilt believes that Rayman can become an ideal specimen of a rare species in Skyrim Zoo, and Rayman and his friends become the target of the “kidnapping operation”. Kilt’s task is to use a group of arrogant and unscrupulous robotic pirates to capture the kind and lovely residents of the universe to fill the zoo. In this operation, only Rayman escaped by chance, but now he must use his clever mind and flexibility to rescue his friend.


The 3D graphics of “Rayman II” are quite good, the flowers, trees, and valleys and waterfalls are very refreshing; the pirate base is built to be eerie, but without losing the relaxed atmosphere; scenes such as glaciers and secret roads seem very mysterious . The character modeling is quite humorous. Rayman is a guy with a head, a body, hands, feet, no neck, no arms, and no legs. When you stand in a daze for a while, you will be surprised to see that Leiman is extremely boring. Mann would actually use his chubby body as a racket, and his dribbling motion has a taste of NBA, and finally he has to turn his fingers around. It seems that there are many benefits without neck, arms and thighs. The shapes of various other creatures are very distinctive, and the ferocious enemy soldier looks a lot like the boss in Star Wars! The art style of the entire game resembles “The Legend of Zelda 64” on N64.

Strange World

The game scene of “Rayman II” is rich, and players can watch a variety of environments. Among them are swamps, forests, and caves in Rayman Paradise, as well as the damp and terrifying prisons and defenses of pirates, and of course their pirate ships! Many things are beyond your expectations, but they are so sensible. The mushrooms like box springs can help Rayman jump high; Rayman’s ears (that thing or hair) can act as a small propeller. Help him land slowly in the sky. The whirlwind and the “propeller” can make Rayman “fly”; the long-legged shells always chase Rayman aggressively behind them, but when they are actually tired, take the opportunity Riding on it is cooler than riding a horse. You can’t think that the powder keg can be used as a launch vehicle besides bombs—–use your brains and use all the props available in the game. The goal is to rescue your companion. Don’t think this is an action game. Without some clever mind, you may not necessarily think of a way to pass the level!

Action Design

This extremely talented hero-running, chasing, water skiing, rock climbing, mountain climbing, jumping-plus many new skills, created a new generation of Rayman. In addition to being able to do some movements freely, Rayman can also use various tools to make many super difficult movements, such as Jackie Chan’s rock climbing skills, continuous rope swings in the air, driving cattle and sheep, and the aforementioned hand gunpowder. The bucket is a launch vehicle and so on. Rayman’s initial weapon was an electric ball, and as the game progressed, his other abilities continued to be strengthened, and finally he could launch a more powerful energy ball. Of course, the designer will not forget to retrieve the shadow of some generations of games, such as the big and purple round eggplant. The purpose of the game is to eat yellow fireflies and rescue friends who are locked in the iron cage. Sometimes players need to react quickly. Similarly, players with developed brains but lacking the ability to cooperate with hands and eyes need more exercise to be competent!

Music Sound Effects

The background music of this generation of games is quite wrong, which can set the atmosphere. It is said that the Chinese version of “Rayman II” will specifically find a singer to record the theme song for it, I hope it is not “love, love, love you love to death”. The game supports full voice, although it is full voice, but there are only a few people such as Rayman, and other creatures are whispering and can’t understand anything. Players with poor foreign language hearing can feel a little bit It’s a little more balanced. I don’t know if Ubi Soft will Chineseize Rayman’s spoken language. If so, who will the voice actors be? The music and sound effect system supports Dolby surround sound. Players with good conditions can distinguish the direction according to the voice of “Help, Help” in the game and find friends trapped in the iron cage.

Level Design

There are 25 main levels and many hidden levels in “Rayman Brothers II”. Some hidden levels are in places that are easy to be overlooked, and some require you to collect enough yellow fireflies in the previous main levels and save enough companions. appear. After playing a level, players will enter the level selection screen. If you think there is something suspicious about any of the previous levels, you can go back and play again at any time, but the yellow fireflies that were eaten and the iron cages rescued will not appear again, which is more conducive to the players to find the missing points and the game progresses You cannot save the disk at any time, and you can save the progress only after passing the customs. But don’t worry about dying on the way and restarting from the beginning, because every time you enter a scene, the progress will be automatically saved, and Rayman’s learning is not only dead. It takes about forty hours to break through the entire game. Because of the existence of hidden levels, “Rayman II” is very replayable.

Game Operation

The keyboard and handle can be used in the game. The game uses a third-person perspective, but the line of sight often changes. The arrow keys are not set according to Rayman’s own line of sight. The face is set according to the viewing angle of the entire screen, so when you first come up, you may be a little uncomfortable. Often running forward, the viewing angle of the game has changed. Following the turn, sometimes I fell to death if I couldn’t handle it.

This game is played in a happy and humorous atmosphere from beginning to end, and players will never feel a little depressed. If you have just finished the work of the past century and want to relax with friends during the millennium, then you must come and taste this French game feast!
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