Resident Evil


“Resident Evil” (Japanese name: バイオハザード, Biohazard, European and American name: Resident Evil) is an electronic series of stand-alone games launched by Japan’s CAPCOM company. The game was first launched in 1996.

This game has become a highly influential representative work in games with horror elements such as zombies as the theme. The Resident Evil series currently has nine full story games, and the tenth one is under development. In addition to video games, the Resident Evil series has also produced a variety of adaptations such as comics, movies, and novels.

Production Team

The “Resident Evil” series of games are produced by Capcom (Capcom: Officially designated Chinese translation) Co., Ltd., a Japanese TV game software company and publishing company, established in 1979. It was originally named “I.R.M.” when it was established, and it was an electrical appliance retailer. Later, the company changed its name to “CAPCOM” in 1983 and at the same time changed its business direction to software sales. The time was fixed in 1995. The newcomer Shinji Mikami joined Kabukang. At the time, Okamoto Yoshihide, who was the head of the game development department, took the initiative to reject the consensus and handed over the Resident Evil development plan to the newcomer. At the end of 1996, “Resident Evil” was launched in Japan. The shipment volume of PlayStation surpassed one million in one fell swoop. This is also the first original game for PS console to exceed one million.

The first work in the “Resident Evil” series was launched on the Playstation and Sega Saturn (SS) dual platforms in 1996. After the game was launched, it performed extremely well in terms of sales and evaluation, so Capcom launched the sequels “Resident Evil 2” and “Resident Evil 3” on Playstation in 1998 and 1999 respectively.

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