River City Girls 2

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Misako and Kyoko are back with some new friends as the playable roster grows to six in River City Girls 2. Check out the new abilities and locations in the first gameplay trailer for Wayforward’s stylish beat ’em up.

Almost everything apart from the combat mechanics has an element of arbitrary punishment.

For example, when you’re buying a new move, you can’t try it out or even see what category of attack it is.

Are you buying a heavy attack, a grab, or a special?

That lack of information makes it impossible to get excited about saving up for your next purchase, and considering the high cost of some of these maneuvers, spending money on a mystery attack that you barely use is a major letdown.

The pace of progression also disappointed me; you regularly unlock new abilities (both automatically and for purchase) as you level in the opening hours, but then your exciting options plateau in the second half.

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