Sid Meiers Civilization V

Strategy Game

Sid Meiers Civilization V is a historical strategy turn-based game developed by Firaxis Games and released in 2K. The demo was launched in September 2010, and it was released in North America on September 21, 2010. It was launched globally on September 24, 2010. On sale.

Players need to establish and lead a civilization to enter the space age and become the ruler of the world: launch wars, engage in diplomacy, discover new technologies, face some of the greatest leaders in history, and build the world’s most powerful empire.

Background Setting

Sid Meiers Civilization V reviews the history of all human beings from ancient times to the present. Players can build and manage cities as representatives of civilizations, conquer the world, develop technology, etc., while competing with other civilizations on the stage of history and continuing the development of civilization.

According to its development stage, the game is divided into ancient times, classical times, medieval times, enlightenment times, industrial times, electrical times, atomic times, and information times. Each era symbolizes the outstanding contribution that a civilization has made in the current technological development. A civilization can enter the next era by researching all technologies of the current era or developing any technologies of the new era. If the game is in 2050 but no player has won, the game will automatically determine the winner based on the victory points.

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