Silent Hunter Ⅳ: Wolves of the Pacific – U-Boat Missions

Simulation Game

Ubisoft released the latest expansion of the “Silent Hunter 4” series-“Silent Hunter IV: Wolves of the Pacific-U-Boat Missions.” In this new work, players will have the opportunity to act as a former Nazi German submarine commander and drive the famous “U”-shaped submarine to cruise in the Indian Ocean.

This expansion will be based on the real but not widely known battle story of Nazi German submarines in the Indian Ocean during World War II. In addition to inheriting the successful settings of the previous game, the game will also introduce new story content and game elements. These include brand new submarines for players to choose from, novel and highly innovative strategic elements, greatly improved navigation maps and upgrade systems.

“Silent Hunter 4” has not only made significant improvements in sound and light effects, it has reached a level of Hollywood-level simulation and freedom. It is necessary to implement iron discipline or rule by inaction, just listen and respect!

Movie-quality presentations, precise and detailed ship models, and moderately difficult gameplay, “Silent Hunter 4” will bring the most realistic and magnificent sea battle scenes, especially the beautiful 3D water scenes, day and night cycles, and realistic climate And the submarines, ships, and aircrafts that are completely based on historical facts, especially the interiors of the various submarines of the U.S. military are even more vivid. Thrilling sound faithfully presents the auditory shock of the confrontation between submarine and torpedo in World War II! Whether you are accustomed to playing a cruel role chasing the enemy for thousands of miles, or you like to hide in the deep sea waiting for an opportunity to attack, players can write down their own style of war stories. Gorgeous graphics, multiplayer online functions, tense game rhythm… Create a history The most intense submarine simulation game ever.

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