Sins of a Solar Empire Rebellion

Strategy Game

“The Original Sin of the Solar Empire: Uprising” is the latest series of “The Original Sin of the Solar Empire”, a space science fiction 4X strategy war chess game.

Background setting

Original background

The era when the “merchant world” really thrived and prospered was in an era with trade interests and a relatively peaceful era. They had forgotten the wars of their ancestors in the past, and they hoped to prosper forever. The story of the ancestral war has long become the most secret archive preservation, and the methods and weapons to resist the war have been buried in the long river of history with the passage of time. As a result, cosmic trade has developed endlessly, and it seems that it will also develop endlessly.

When the trade rules were formed, explorers discovered that a huge desert planet was forgotten on the edge of the world. It has become the space for the ancestors of the Holy Prophet. They have developed civilizations, but some of their actions have committed “merchants”. The taboo of “the world” is full of illegal science and social concept deviations. The old taboo is no longer important to them. This makes business people feel that their own interests are terribly threatened. So they jointly voted to expel them, and the ancestors of the Holy Prophet were exiled to an uninhabited area. When people arrived there, they gradually discovered that the planet they lived on was actually a desert planet, and the poor resources made their lives difficult. So they agreed that they wanted to return to their homeland to realize their ideals, so they tried to fight back. They are all genetically modified people. They have a huge and advanced fleet and mysterious weapons. They occupy more and more territories in the universe. After preparing everything, they return. They call themselves: Holy Prosperity messenger. “Merchant World” finds itself in an emergency situation. It seems that there is no hope of winning the war. Will the fate of the universe be rewritten?

The ancient Vasari ruled their empire for countless springs and autumns. The powerful interstellar fleet and the vast territory of the star field seemed to indicate that the empire was unquestionably powerful, but an unknown threat stopped all this suddenly. They Suddenly facing the danger of being destroyed, the capital star area has been silent one after another, and the adjacent world has also fallen into dead silence. Fortunately, the survivors formed a migrating fleet to try to escape the danger and continue to write the glorious history of the empire. But the unknown threat is still pressing every step of the way. Every time they stay in a certain place for a short period of time, they will rush on the road. Time is life. After 10,000 years of migrating in the universe, they seem to have distanced themselves from the unknown enemy, but Vasari’s migrating fleet broke into the battlefield of merchants and Holy Prophet, eager to gather resources to continue their journey. After this chaotic battle, what changes will their appearance bring to both sides in the war?

When Vasari’s poor and powerful migrating fleet began to attack the “Merchant World”, the merchants paid a heavy price. While struggling to resist the invasion of the Holy Prophet, the unstoppable migrating fleet already occupied twelve colonies, and the war lasted for several years. They realized that in order to survive in war, they had to find a new way to reproduce the past. They put aside previous conflicts of interest, united all forces to form the “merchant emergency alliance”, and restarted the war machine of their ancestors. Under their hard work and confrontation, the migrating fleet stopped advancing, and the Holy Promenade also began to shrink the line of defense. But this is only temporary, and there are still many fleets wreaking havoc on unsuspecting areas, the three parties are in a stalemate, and the fate of the universe will eventually change.

Uprising Background

In thirty years, the voice of seeking peace has been constant. However, the contradictions within the TEC have begun to emerge. More and more weapon merchants are demanding to expand the war to profit from it. They are crazily eager to destroy all invaders. They are the masters behind TR. The conservative traditional businessmen felt that only seeking peace can bring real benefits, and that war would only destroy the wealth and trade rules accumulated over the millennia. They are the main members of TL. The two sides finally got into trouble, and finally split. Since then, TR and TL have each become a camp.  

The fierce attack on the merchants was blocked by strong defense lines and massive fleets, and long-term diplomatic actions began to become empty papers. The Holy Promenade also began to change within. Many sacred messengers were very surprised and angry at their leaders and businessmen in negotiations and diplomacy. These people began to doubt whether there was a corrupting force that had contaminated the “divine body”, leading to a deviation from the original purpose of the war-revenge. So they hope to purify the “divine body”, maintain the purity and unity of the “divine body”, and begin to resist the leaders’ orders. They are the main component of AR. Most of the Holy Promenades still faithfully fulfill their obligation of revenge. Diplomatic activities with various purposes are still continuing. They continue to attack TEC. It seems that they have never felt any objection to the unity of the “divine body”. Revenge is bound to succeed. This is the main force of AL.  

The leader of Vasari’s migrating fleet, who was trapped in the endless war between the three tribes, felt deeply anxious. At this time, the unknown threat seemed to finally smell the prey and began to move towards this star area. Another interstellar journey must be carried out immediately. At this time, some Vasari people advocate uniting with merchants and holy messengers to fight this unknown threat in the final battle. They are tired of endless hasty travel, they Longing to inherit the glory of the Vasari Empire, hope to stop the pace of migration and rebuild the glory of the empire. This terrible idea makes the leader of the migrating fleet unacceptable-fighting an unknown threat, which may kill all the remaining Vasari. The two sides cannot compromise on this issue. In the end, most of the migrating fleet is ready to collect resources and continue to flee. They are the VL camp. And this small part of Vasari people who remain is the current VR camp. They may be the key to ending the war and saving the universe.

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