Splinter Cell

Action Game

Splinter Cell is a multi-platform game launched by Ubisoft, available in PS version, Xbox version and PC version.

The improved saving system and the unique and effective “mouse + keyboard” control scheme make the PC version of “Splinter Cell” better than the console version.

Game Background

Splinter Cell

Sam Fisher, the top intelligence agent of the US National Security Agency, suffered a sudden disaster after solving the crisis of the first three games. His only daughter was tragically killed in a car accident because of a driver’s drunk driving. Sam, in his grief, used violence to punish the driver who killed her daughter. He was also sentenced to prison for assault. However, he heard a shocking news in prison that his daughter did not accidentally die due to a driver drunk driving, but was deliberately murdered by terrorists. In order to find out the truth, Sam resolutely chose to escape from prison and trace the real culprit behind the murder of his daughter. In the picture released this time, players can see the iconic building of Shanghai, the economic capital of China-the Oriental Pearl Tower. According to the official statement, this series of depictions of the city of Shanghai will be very good, and Shanghai players can experience the city where they live in an international masterpiece.

Game introduction:

“Splinter Cell1” believes that friends who are exposed to this kind of diving game for the first time will be a little uncomfortable, but playing slowly, we will appreciate the fun that Sam Fisher brings us. There are countless ways to play in the game, you can shoot the enemy, assassinate the enemy, or draw the enemy away. Players can use a variety of weapons in the game, such as silenced pistols, submachine guns, grenades, disposable lock openers, fiber optic probes and other secret agents weapons you can’t think of. .

Introduction to the Protagonist Splinter Cell

Sam Fisher is a separatist nucleus-a commando whose true identity information belongs to a highly confidential commando, who is responsible for some extremely secret missions. The title of the game “Tom Krans’s Splinter Cell” reveals the extraordinary identity of the protagonist. He is an experienced soldier who has been rigorously trained in hell and is a classified military organization-the third echelon- —Service, mainly responsible for eradicating high-tech and high-IQ terrorists worldwide. If he is caught by the enemy by mistake, the US government will never admit that he and his mission are related to his country.

Worse still, even a small mistake in action can trigger World War III. Therefore, the pressure on Fischer is unimaginable by ordinary people, but he still looks as calm as before. Although he has received a lot of combat skills training, in this game, secret operations are the only viable option. When he started a series of very dangerous secret operations, the palms of the free world were about to squeeze sweat.

Splinter Cell Game Features

There are 9 levels in the game, and each level is relatively long and attractive. What’s disappointing is that at the beginning of the game, it revealed the location of the card behind it-just like when people are watching a video disc that they have never seen before, they can use the menu to select the playback segment-only The first training level did not appear at the beginning of the film. It usually takes 10-15 hours to play the entire game. Because its levels are written according to the script, the value of replaying is relatively low. In addition, there is an option in the difficulty setting of the game: “Difficult”. If you choose it, the secret operation will become more difficult, and those players who complete the game under the default settings can choose it to play again.

Game Features

This Splinter Cell can be divided into this category. The entire screen is composed of simple grid graphics, giving people a fresh and simple first look, but the gameplay is completely different from the first look.

The difficulty of the game is divided into four levels. From the simplest entry level, to the entrance level and graduation level, to the final retirement level, there is only one way to pass each level, which is to make all the irregular polygons in the level have the same area. Blocks, the game uses dots to enlarge a single polygon first, and then affect other irregular polygons, resulting in a chain reaction, forming multiple squares of equal size and area.

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