Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Strategy Game

Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, a continuation of StarCraft II. Screenshots of the legendary epic of “Starcraft”, where the human race, the Protoss and the Zerg stand together, are facing conflicts and confrontations again with the three distinct and unique races. “Starcraft II” retains some of the “Starcraft” units and buildings, while some units are given new skills, and some units are eliminated or replaced. The old units, upgraded units, and new units are on the scene one by one. For the survival of their respective races, fights are launched, and the flames of war burn throughout the galaxy.

Game Introduction

Game balance is the classic of “Starcraft”. While maintaining the game balance, “Starcraftâ…ˇ” has more new units for each race, and the units familiar to players have also been adjusted. The game structure is similar to “Starcraft”. Players use collected resources to build different buildings and armies and upgrade them.

In the single-player battle game mode, “Starcraftâ…ˇ” inherits the history of StartCraft: Brood War. A large number of brand-new heroes and famous characters from the StarCraft science fiction novel full of adventure and intrigue will show their unique charm in the battle. In addition, Blizzard Entertainment provides players with an online game mode through the global game platform Battle, and has made “Starcraft II” a competitive real-time strategy game through some enhancements and new features.

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