Strategy Game

Stellaris is a space strategy game developed by Paradox Interactive.
The game contains a large number of alien races and a compact game plot. In the game, players will explore each galaxy in sequence, and encounter a variety of interesting alien creatures and randomly generated enemies.

Background setting

Players can explore huge galaxies, initiate wars or conquer the universe through diplomacy. With diversified alien races and fascinating storytelling methods, players can experience crossing, exploration, and interactive fun during interstellar travel, and learn more stories about different alien races.

Scene Map

There is only one type of world map. The full map is called the Milky Way Map, which contains countless galaxy maps, which are composed of countless planets, satellites, meteorites, etc. The game map supports up to 1000 star systems. The contents of the maps in different modes are similar, and the country camps are slightly different. Players can build or upgrade buildings on the map, create and mobilize troops (ships). Players’ army battles are all carried out on the outside of planets or satellites. The colors of the representatives of different countries are different, and the territory is divided according to the occupied area.

Construction of buildings

Open the administrative interface, and you can view the plots of the planet currently managed by the player on the surface. Under normal circumstances, the land parcels of the newly occupied planets (including the initial planets) are not as good as ideal, that is, there are many low-quality lands, so players need to transform these lands. Make them a mild land suitable for building buildings on it. However, the condition of the land depends more on the environment of the planet. If it is a desert planet, the situation of low-quality land is more serious, and it is basically not suitable for building buildings on it. Under the creation of a suitable plot, you can choose to build a building by clicking on the plot. There are many types of buildings, and you can choose a building according to your different needs.

Game Evaluation

IGN scored 7.4 points for the Stellaris console version. IGN believes that porting a complex strategy game to the console platform is a surprising and admirable job, but the flaw is that the version is too old, and the ported version still has many gameplay. Problems, and these problems have been solved very early on the PC platform.

Conquering the galaxy with the console and controller and exploring its deepest secrets is better than an ideal experience. Thanks to the free customization and the attitude of playing in your own way, the Stellaris console version is the 4X strategy game with the most fun on Xbox One and PS4.

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