“Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” officially announced, expected to be released in 2022

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This long-awaited work by DC comics fans finally announced its first trailer, which is still produced by Rocksteady Studios, the developer of the “Batman: Arkham Knight” series. In the trailer, we see the suicide led by Harley Quinn A scene where members of the squad fight against the irrational Superman.

According to reports, “Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League” is a third-person action-adventure game that mainly uses Superman as its opponent. It shares the worldview with “Batman: Arkham Knight”. It supports up to 4 players online games in single player mode. Other teammates are controlled by AI, and players can switch the players they want to control to advance the game at any time. Since the release time is roughly 2022, the login platform of the game is also determined to be PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X.

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