Supreme Commander

Strategy Game

It is known as a game that inherits the spirit of the classic real-time strategy game “Total Annihilation”. In 1997, the well-known instant strategy game “Total Annihilation” was launched. Game producer Chris Taylor brought TA fans a work that can inherit the spirit of “Total Annihilation”, that is, the Supreme Commander (SC).


Supreme Commander, SC due to “Total Annihilation 2” game copyright and name usage rights are not owned by Chris Taylor’s own Gas Powered Games game company, so this game will be named “upreme Commander,”; Although “upreme Commander,” is not the official sequel to “Total Annihilation” (because Korean Phantagram previously stated that it has obtained the rights to develop “Total Annihilation 2”), basically TA fans “in theory” would rather follow the TA original In the footsteps of game producer Chris Taylor to try this “upreme Commander,”

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