The eve of World of Warcraft 9.0 opened today, the old and new versions of the server crashed directly

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Today is the big day for World of Warcraft. The most anticipated expansion in the past decade “Shadowland” is officially launched on the eve. Although there is a cloud of Blizzard bouncing ahead, this does not hinder the players’ enthusiasm for the new expansion.

Starting from the 13th, many servers that were officially green have turned yellow, and some high-load servers have directly started queuing. The appeal of the new expansion of World of Warcraft is evident.

The reason why the formal clothes can be so lively on the eve, the nostalgic clothes should remember the first merit. At present, the Warcraft nostalgic server is in the TAQ half-life period. A large number of nostalgic players are in a half-AFK state with nothing to do. The official server has new content, and many people will choose to come in and take a look. Anyway, the card is shared.

Although the new level was not opened on the eve, the level was compressed to 50, and many new content will be available for everyone to experience, so it is still very meaningful.

At present, I have several nostalgic WeChat groups with hundreds of people, and nearly one-third of them said they would go to play Eve, which shows that everyone still has great expectations for this time Blizzard’s “painful changes”.

However, just when everyone was eagerly looking forward to entering the game to find out, the server crashed…

Not only did the formal service collapse, but the nostalgic service also collapsed…

This inevitably makes people think about the quality of the server. Someone has complained about the quality of the server earlier. This time, both sides crashed at the same time. Could it be that the server resources of the nostalgic server were transferred to the official server this time?

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