The full series of Thai action game AeternoBlade II will land on Steam on September 8

Action Game Game News

“AeternoBlade II” developed and released by Corecell Technology Co.,Ltd will be released on the Steam version on September 8.

“AeternoBlade II” is a fighting action puzzle game that can manipulate time. In the game, you can control the flow of time, correct the past, and foresee the future. It is also possible to entangle alternate timelines in order to fight the invincible enemies.

Game Introduction

Players can control three playable characters, each of which has its own unique skills and uses a large number of combined moves to attack the enemy. Most of the game scenes are scrolling 2D styles, but sometimes they are converted to 3D scenes, allowing players to jump and climb back and forth.

Game Features:

  1. New and improved time combat synergy
  2. Modify the combat action set
  3. Three states have introduced enhanced and alternative power sources
  4. Improve levels, encounters, and puzzles to improve the game process
  5. New areas, relics and secrets to be discovered
  6. Improve the behavior of NPCs and monsters

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