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“The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild” is an open-world action-adventure game developed by the Nintendo Planning and Production Division and its subsidiary Monolith Soft. Released by Nintendo on March 3, 2017, it is the 15th work of the orthodox sequel to the “The Legend of Zelda” series of games.

On June 12, 2019, at the Nintendo E3 pre-show press conference, the first promotional video of the sequel was officially released and is under development.

The story of the game takes place 100 years after the demise of the Kingdom of Hailaru. Once a catastrophe struck the Kingdom of Hailaru and caused it to perish. The protagonist Link wakes up in the underground ruins, chasing the incredible sound, and embarks on an adventure journey.

The game won TGA Game of the Year, Best Game Design and Best Action Adventure Game on December 8, 2017; GameSpot Game of the Year on December 23, 2017; EDGE Game of the Year on January 5, 2018; On March 24, 2018, he won the GDC Best Game Sound Award, Best Game Design Award and Game of the Year Award; on March 18, 2018, he won the SXSW Best Gameplay Award, Best Game Design Award and Best Game of the Year.

Background Setting

The history of the Kingdom of Hailaru is a history that has been successively invaded by Gannon since ancient times. Calamity Gaynon is a demon king born in Hellaru in the ancient times. He turned into a gesture of resentment and resurrected every once in a while. At that time, the person who possesses the soul of the brave and the holy princess who inherited the blood of the goddess will regain peace for Hellaru.

The ancient ancestors once made four huge beasts that can be manipulated by humans and have the appearance of beasts, and puppet soldiers with self-consciousness to fight against the enemy-defenders. The royal princesses who hold the power of the seal and the knights selected by the sword of exorcism, they have sealed Gannon together with the beasts and defenders in the distant ancient times.

However, one day a hundred years ago, the fortune-telling master of the Hailaru Kingdom left a prophecy: “Ganon, who brought disasters to the earth, had a sign of resurrection, but the power that resisted Gannon was still dormant. The earth.” The people of Hailaru Kingdom also imitated their ancestors to fight. Choose four people with excellent abilities from Helalu, and hand them over to control the beasts, and find the knight Link chosen by the Exorcist Sword. Then choose Princess Zelda as the leader, and the other five as heroes to consolidate strength. With the princess and the five heroes gathered together, it was supposed to be able to seal the disaster, but the cunning Gannon was resurrected from the depths of Hailar Castle, controlled the defenders and the four beasts and attacked back. The townspeople and heroes who manipulated the beasts were killed, Link also fell seriously injured to protect the princess, and the Kingdom of Hailaru was destroyed by Gannon.

However, the surviving princess released the power of the seal at the last moment and sent the selected knight Link out of the castle, leaving only herself to stand up against Gannon. As the princess alone was not strong enough to destroy him, she finally had to Limit yourself to the castle together with Ganon.

The story of this work takes place a hundred years after the demise of the Kingdom of Hiraru. The player played Link wakes up in the underground ruins, but loses all his memories. From time to time, familiar and unfamiliar voices sound in his ears, guiding Link to begin. New adventure. Link had to regain his memory in the adventure and finally complete his mission a hundred years ago.

Scene Map

The map of the game is extremely huge. According to the official confirmation, the map size of the game is twelve times the size of the entire map of “The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess”. It is currently the game with the largest map area in the game without mechanical vehicles. During the development process, the work was supported by Monolith Soft, who has rich experience in making huge maps. The studio’s masterpiece “Xenoblade Chronicles” series is famous for its huge and colorful maps.

According to the test conducted by Arekkz Gaming, it takes 28 minutes to walk in a straight line from the southernmost end of the map to the northernmost end of the map, and the distance from east to west on the map is longer than the distance from north to south, which shows that.

Similar to some open world games, players need to climb the Tower of Shika in the game to unlock the map data from the Stone of Shika, and the Tower of Shika can also be used as a quick teleport point.
the weather
The game has a dynamic weather system. In different weather, the land of Hailaru will show different scenes. For example, in a thunderstorm, if the player wears metal armor, it will attract lightning, and if it is struck by lightning, it will die. Throwing lightning-attracting items on your body to the enemy in the first moment can lead the lightning to the enemy. When it rains, Hailar’s ​​ground will become slippery, and when Link is climbing, it will slide off the climbing surface.

The work has terrain damage, for example, Link will continue to lose blood if there is no corresponding protection against the cold on a cold snowy mountain.

Game system

Physics engine

In this work, the player played by Link can use a Shika’s stone function called a “stationary device”, which can stop the passage of time of an object, during which the player can continuously hit the object to accumulate kinetic energy , The kinetic energy accumulated after time restarts can be released all at once, which can derive many new puzzle-solving and combat gameplays. In the animation on the right, GameSpot’s reviewers use this function to carry out a long distance And this is just the tip of the iceberg for the application of this feature.

Another example is that most of the vegetation in this work can be ignited by the player, and when ignited, an updraft will be generated, and the player can use this to ascend a long distance when using a paraglider.

Combat system

In this game, players can use a large number of different weapons, armors and clothing to start the battle. All the weapons in the hands of mobs can be picked up and used by the player, and since most of the weapons are not durable, the player will also be in a state of rapidly changing weapons.

Some of the props that used to be key props will appear in the form of weapons in this work, such as boomerangs. Players can launch perfect defense and perfect dodge if they raise their shield or dodge when the enemy is about to attack you during the battle. After the perfect defense is successful, the enemy will appear hard and straight, and after the perfect dodge is successful, it will enter the bullet time, within the bullet time Can launch a gale assault. It is worth mentioning that even the Guardian’s laser players can perform a perfect defense, and can bounce the laser back after the perfect defense is successful.

All weapons can be thrown by the player, and all the same weapons can be charged. Attacks launched after charging will have more gorgeous attack actions and higher damage, such as the storage of a torch that is lit on fire. Power attack is to launch fireballs around. When the player is landing from the air, using a bow and arrow to aim will consume stamina to enter the bullet time. Common applications include jumping from a horse to enter the bullet time or entering the bullet time when using a paraglider. Currently known special arrows are rockets, ice arrows and bomb arrows. When an arrow hits an enemy’s weak point (such as the head of a monster), it will cause a lot of damage, and there will be special sound effects at this time.

Temple System

The temple can be understood as a mini dungeon, similar in design to the small rooms in the labyrinths in Zelda in the past, but much larger in scale. The temple is divided into two types in design, namely the trial of strength and the trial of puzzle solving. There are 120 temples waiting for the player to explore. When the player approaches the temple, the Shika Stone on his body will beep to guide the player to the temple. Players who like to explore on their own can also turn off the prompt. Each time the player passes through a temple, the player will get a trial pass certificate, and after collecting the four trial pass certificates, they can exchange for a heart container or energy container at the statues of the goddess Helia scattered around the continent of Hylar. Each heart container can add 1 heart to Link, and the energy container can increase Link’s energy slot by 1/5 of the ring.

Game DLC

Trial master

Trial of the Sword: Upon reaching a specific location, players can challenge the new content of the “Trial of the Sword”. After the trial begins, Link needs to defeat waves of enemies. At the beginning, Link did not wear armor. Without weapons, he can only enter the next area after defeating all the enemies in a room. The sword trial challenge will contain a total of 45 rooms. When Link completes all trials, the true power of the master sword will be awakened, and the master sword will always be in a state of shining power.

Master Mode: In Hard Mode, the monster’s “class” will be increased (for example, the red goblins in normal mode will turn blue). The maximum level of the enemy will also become higher.

Footprint mode: A new map feature will show the path Link has traversed in Hellaru in the past 200 hours of the game. Players can use this new feature to see which area they spend the most time in and where they have not explored.

Teleport tagger: somewhere in the world there is a treasure chest with a travel medal hidden. When the player uses the travel medal, the player can log in the current location on the map and use it as a fast travel point. However, players can only log in to one location when using the Travel Medal.

Kellogg’s mask: Keglo’s mask is also hidden in a treasure chest somewhere in the world. If the player wears this mask, the mask will vibrate when approaching the hidden Kroger. There are 900 Kroger pixies hidden in this work (you will get a reward when you find them), and this mask will help players find them faster.

Treasure hunt found 8 types of equipment: 8 new treasure chests will be added near Hailaru Castle, which contain the equipment of the previous “The Legend of Zelda” series.

Poems of heroes

The DLC “Poems of Heroes” takes the player back 100 years ago and tells the story of the four heroes saving the Hailaru continent. In addition to the new plot, it also contains new weapons, temples and equipment, etc. IGN scores 7.8 points for it. In addition, since players can get a mechanical motorcycle after completing all tasks, IGN also stated that this is arguably the weirdest post-match reward in recent years.

Game Evaluation

This work has shown a master-level production level in the open world design, and has become a watershed in this 30-year-old series of games. When the player wants to play in a certain way, they will find that it can really be played like this, which allows the player to obtain a variety of pleasures and wonderful game experiences.

The game can only be expressed with surprises. The endless surprises and rich content of the game allow players to deeply immerse themselves in this “hundred years from now” Hiraru kingdom. From the point of view of the attributes belonging to the game, this work is an unparalleled work. After four years, the work has not disappointed the players’ waiting. In the essence, the work is a continuation of the series, and in terms of system and content, I believe that the work is a new beginning.

This work is an evolution of the Zelda series, and Nintendo’s respect for players has formed a very big, different and exciting change. But in this open world full of great changes, the work is more like a vivid Zelda.

The game will become a milestone in the history of video game development like its predecessor “The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”. It will bring countless inspirations to game developers in the next few years or even more than ten years, and will be “tributed” by many next-generation games.

This work thoroughly implements the concept of breaking through the limit challenge in the adventurous spirit. This should be the adventure experience that an open world can bring-to give full play to everything the player wants to do. The design and creativity of this work can deserve to be called a masterpiece. It is an unprecedented breakthrough for this game type, this game, this industry and Nintendo.

Although the work does not have Zelda’s usual formula, it may be the essence of Zelda’s spirit. The game has a stunningly beautiful and interactive world, with dazzling riddles and puzzles, and the secrets hidden on the Hailaru continent are endless.

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