The worst villain boss in the game, does the appearance of these characters necessarily represent evil?

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In many stand-alone games, players will encounter an enemy in the plot that can always crush you, or every time they come out to pretend to be forced but be beaten by the player, they kill anyway No, in the end we can only watch the enemy fling in a hurry after letting go of their ruthless words. Whether they are majestic or dazzling, these people have a single collective name, the big villain boss, so today we will talk about which games The villain boss.

World of Warcraft-Lich King

Speaking of the villain boss, we have to mention a person, he is the prince of Lordaeron, the loyal silver hand paladin, the future king of the people, his name is Arthas, in a deadly plague, Al Sass led the troops to fight the enemy, but because of the disparity in strength, this was a war doomed to fail.

However, things are far from failure. The Lich King has a legendary rune sword “Frostmourne”. Under the guidance of the Lich King, this sword found Arthas and brought Arthas into the land of evil. , Arthas, who climbed the snow mountain, broke the Frozen Throne and became one of the most powerful monsters on Azeroth.

For the residents on the continent of Azeroth, the Lich King is undoubtedly the most evil existence, and Arthas transformed a large number of people into undead, and the purpose of forming the undead Scourge was to resist a force that could destroy Ai. The Burning Legion of Xerath.

Borderlands 2-Handsome Jack

The villains of other games are flaunting their teeth and dancing claws or their martial arts are not good. They all rely on IQ, and the big bosses of some villains are hateful, but the handsome Jack is the only one that makes people hate it. Anyone who knows Jack knows that Jack is in the prequel. It’s still on the same team as the player, but when it comes to Borderlands 2, Jack becomes the villain.

It makes sense to hear what Jack said. In Borderlands 2, the treasure hunters are a group of robbers. Just because they heard that there are treasures here, they came to this planet to slaughter wildly. And Jack is step by step to make this planet safer and more orderly. He is indeed a hero. What reason does the treasure hunter have to kill Jack? To kill the samurai? It’s just because you want to get the treasure. This is not the reason a hero should have.

But Jack uses humans to do experiments. In the City of Opportunity, Jack oppresses the workers. Pandora’s tyranny makes Jack a thorn in the eyes of the players. But on the other hand, the players’ behavior is undoubtedly a kind of destruction to the planet Pandora. No one said whether it was right or wrong.

So, what else do you know about the worst villain bosses? How do you judge whether these bosses are good or bad?

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