Tiles Hop

Casual Game

Amanotes Tiles Hop, which ranks 7th in the super casual game download list, uses agile mechanics. In the game, the player needs to rhythmically press the screen many times and repeatedly at the right time to make the ball jump to the correct position. Similar to it is the WeChat mini game Jump Jump.

The agility mechanism is similar to the timing mechanism, but the difference is that the timing mechanism presses the screen at the correct time, while the agility mechanism requires the player to quickly repeat a certain action, such as the player continuously and quickly switch from sliding to the left to sliding to the right.


It should be noted that using agile mechanics is that games like this can easily become boring, or make players lose confidence due to too much difficulty in the later stages. Therefore, it is best to slow down the game and allow players to adapt to the rhythm of the game.

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