Tom Clancy’s The Division 2

Action Game

Game background

The game background of The Division 2 is set 7 months after the deadly virus spread in New York City, and the players will be taken to the fragmented Washington DC, the world is on the verge of collapse, and people are facing the biggest in human history. Crisis. As an experienced agent, the players will be the last hope for a complete disintegration of the opposing camp for control of the city. If Washington DC eventually falls, then the entire country will fall.

How to play

When the game is launched, “The Division 2” will provide a more substantial battle, organically form the final outcome of the game, and create a cohesive and meaningful game experience for all types of players. Once the player reaches level 30, they can choose different Specializations, such as demolitionist, sharpshooter or survivalist. Specializations is a flexible and versatile character development system. This will provide players with new skills, mods, unique talents and tools, such as signatureweapons that can bring the possibility of character growth and fine-tuning the way of play. In addition, a more complete PVP experience, expandable WorldTiers, and a completely redesigned and balanced dark zone experience will all be implemented on the launch day. “The Division 2” will also join the series’ first 8-player Raid mode, which will bring new challenges to experienced agents.

Game Reviews

“The Division 2” is definitely a good brush. A full open world, a substantial endgame experience, a greatly evolved dark zone… If you have a lot of time to enjoy the game, and you have a relatively stable partner to play black together, this game can probably live up to its mission. To help you pass these boring times.

The battle of “The Division 2” is full of exciting gun battles, rich loot and missions. It wasn’t until the 60-hour game experience came to an end that it exposed the lack of rewards for the final game, but this journey was fun enough to make up for it. The last shortcoming. In terms of content, “The Division 2” is one of the best-selling works of this type of game.

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