Tomb Raider

Adventure Game

“Tomb Raider” is a characteristic action-adventure game developed by the British company EIDOS. The background of the game is that when the protagonist Laura was 18 years old, her father died. She inherited the Crawford family heritage and the title of earl. Since then, her name has been closely linked to 16 major archaeological discoveries in the world, and Laura Crawford has risen to fame.

Game Settings

Story background

When Laura was nine years old, she suffered a crash in the Himalayas. She survived, but lost her mother ever since.

After 10 days of incredibly difficult trek, little Laura walked alone from the crash site to the capital of Nepal, Katmandu (Katmandu). For the rest of her childhood, Laura was closely guarded by her father, the archaeologist Count Richard Croft.

She is hailed as “archaeological genius” and “treasure hunter” at the same time, depending on the choice of these two titles. Numerous rumors revolve around Ms. Crawford’s expedition, and what remains unchanged is the extreme exaggeration of the incredible ingredients in her tomb exploration. However, unfortunately for us, Ms. Crawford herself has never publicly commented on these rumors, which makes the fog that shrouded her life and career even more confusing.

Homemade level

Self-made levels, that is, levels made by the players themselves. In the 2cd edition of the fifth generation of Tomb Raider-Chronicles, players on the PC/Macintosh platform of Tomb Raider got a gift: Tomb Raider Homemade Level Editor (TRLE). With it, players can edit the levels of Tomb Raider by themselves. From the day the editor was released, there were endless levels made by tomb fans from all over the world. The editor uses the engine of the fourth generation of Tomb Raider: “The Last Revelation”, but due to the author’s wisdom, we may encounter interesting items that we have never seen before in some levels (such as new vehicles). , Weapons, cola-like medicine packs) and characters, such as the big guy waving an iron rod to block bullets. Moreover, Laura will also have a variety of outfits and hairstyles.

Release Version

The sequence of games launched on mainstream platforms of “Tomb Raider” are as follows:

1996: Tomb Raider
1998: Tomb Raider: Unfinished Business
1997: Tomb Raider II: The Dagger of Xi’an
1999: Tomb Raider II Gold: The Golden Mask
1998: Tomb Raider III: Adventures of Lara Croft
2000: Tomb Raider III: Lost Artifact
1999: Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation
2000: Tomb Raider: Chronicles
2003: Tomb Raider: The Angel of Darkness
2006: Tomb Raider: Legend
2007: Tomb Raider: Anniversary
2008: Tomb Raider: Underworld
2013: Tomb Raider
2015: Rise Of Tomb Raider
2018: Shadow of the Tomb Raider

Production Team

The “Tomb Raider” series of games are produced by Eidos, whose full English name is Eidos Interactive.

Eidos is a game and computer game publishing company based in England, founded in 1990. It initially operated film compression technology. But with the development of the years, Eidos entered the game entertainment market in 1995 and obtained the copyright of the Championship Manager of the game company Domark and listed on the London Stock Exchange. In April 1996, Eidos acquired the Centregold Group including Core Design and US Gold and consolidated its position in the gaming industry. Later, he acquired the equity of Crystal Dynamics and Pyro Studios in 1998 and 1999 and became a pivotal game player. Its main classic works include “Allied Death Squad”, “Killer”, “Thief”, “Tomb Raider” and so on.

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