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“Toukiden” is an action game developed by KOEI TECMO, which was released on June 27, 2013.

In the game, the player has to play a warrior known as a “samurai”. As a novice samurai player, in order to protect humanity, he will challenge the “ghost” who distort and destroy the world.

Background Setting

There is a group of fighters who fight against alien creatures called “ghosts”. People call them “ghost mansion”. For a long 1,000 years, the ghost mansion has silently guarded the world from the backstage of history. However, when the Taiping Era ended, a huge disaster suddenly came. Time and space are distorted, the world is bursting, and alien worlds that are not like the human world appear everywhere. An unprecedented large number of ghosts swarmed out of the alien world, and the vast land was dominated by ghosts.

The ghost mansion connects the surviving people into its own stronghold and fought fierce battles with ghosts. After a short and fierce battle of seven days and seven nights, he finally defended the human power map. After experiencing disasters and disasters, the Ghost Mansion stood on the front stage of history as an organization that guards and governs the world.

The Role of Setting

Main character

The protagonist is a character set by the player, and his name, appearance and features are all determined by the player.

There are six follower characters in the game. They cannot switch weapons, cannot change “Gushun”, and cannot be controlled. Before the player decides to crusade, he can choose one to three people to crusade. They will attack all visible “ghosts” in the battlefield. They are indispensable partners for players. At the beginning of the game, there are only two followers, Sakura and Xipu. As the plot develops, more followers will join.

Among the members of the ghost mansion who follow the player to fight, there are a total of six NPC combat members, and each member uses a different weapon. There are the “Sakura” with the sword, the “Hayato” with the double sword, the “Skibuki” with the spear, the “Futake” with the hand armor, the “Hatsuho” with the chain, and the “Nagi” with the bow and arrow.

Secondary role

Characters living in the “bubble house” appear as game NPCs. They will tell the player some things happening in this world, and will make some transactions with the player that are helpful to the player.
When an exclamation point appears above the NPC, it means that a new event has been triggered. Usually, this information is very important for players to understand the mission. Every NPC will introduce himself and say hello when talking. These options can better help players understand the current scene and tasks.

Scene Map

The game is divided into six areas: the ancient domain, the elegant domain, the martial domain, the war domain, the peaceful domain, and the chaotic domain. Each domain has ten small areas.

With the development of the plot, these fields slowly opened up one by one, and the first field of the player’s expedition was the “Ancient Field”.

A variety of tasks can be received in the game, requiring players to enter different areas to complete the conditions. Some tasks must be completed in a specific area, and some tasks can be unlimited.

The realm cannot be entered directly. You must first select “Exit” after a dialogue in front of the counter to enter; any realm and any small realm in the game can be entered infinitely at will, but you must clear that level.

Featured System

Mission system

There are many main missions and side missions in “Toukiden”. The content of each mission, difficulty, time limit, reward, destination and ghost are different, and the number of missions accepted by the game is limited.

In terms of missions, the game does have a lot of playability. The protagonist will complete many missions. Some missions just collect some materials, and these materials will generally exist on the player’s body, so some side missions are basically It can be completed instantly.

Combat system

The battle is usually carried out by ordinary attacks, special attacks, and Oni Senki. Oni Senki is similar to the nirvana of the Wushuang game, which can be cast after the spiritual power is full.

In the game, you can press select to open the ghost eye, you can see the hidden props and the earth stone; at the same time, you can see the ghost’s health value and armor value, which is indispensable to defeat large ghosts. It can be known to the player The weakness of those large ghosts.

Achievement system

Game Reviews

The game has a strong historical flavor, emphasizing the Japanese style and style. Players use weapons to strike, cut and pierce in the game will feel an alternative pleasure. Although the game has a mowing style, it is obviously different from the “Wushuang” series. The unique Japanese-style graphics and rich game content in the game can easily fascinate many players who like fighting games.

“Toukiden” integrates the mainstream gameplay and elements of the “hunting game” launched on the market to create a hunting game full of harmony. Although players can see the basic structure similar to “Monster Hunter” in the game, the unique Japanese style of the game makes many players ignore the part of the game that borrows from “Monster Hunter”.

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