“Visage” review: a disturbing horror game masterpiece

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SadSquare Studio’s crowdfunding work was very exciting at the beginning, and after that, it did not relax, and continued to bring tension and delicious fear. For horror game lovers, “Visage” is a “nightmare” not to be missed. It is the scariest game I have ever played. This work effectively utilizes the chilling atmosphere, continuously increasing the player’s sense of fear, and also has the right amount of shock and panic. “Face” is like a haunted house from hell, which can scare you to the bone. Although the inventory design of this game is relatively poor, and there are some common bugs in independent games that make the player stuck or fall out of the map, these small troubles will not affect the fact that “Visage” puts “horror” “It’s done very well.

When the game first started, you were standing in the room, completely unclear about the situation and don’t know what your goal was. This kind of unguided design that requires players to solve puzzles by themselves may make some people who want tutorials feel uncomfortable. But when wandering in the haunted corridors, the flickering lights and abnormal lights can increasingly create a frightening atmosphere.

To my surprise, after playing for a few hours, I still find excuses to continue exploring the well-lit parts of the house instead of going into the basement, even though I have been below for a long time. A big proof of the strength of this work is: even the ordinary laundry room or TV wall will make me uneasy. From the funny cat-shaped clock to the radio that you like to turn on yourself endlessly, the ordinary objects in the house all have a disturbing taste. Is there anything by your side in the dark? The answer is…sometimes. It is this problem that makes me afraid to relax all the time. Next, things became a little strange. The walls began to fade away like a low tide, completely unreasonable designs and buildings began to appear, and the door to a new world opened.

“Visage” is not only a journey in the psychological world, but also a journey in the real world. When exploring the house, you may be teleported into a lost tree house, a cold cemetery, a mental hospital or a supermarket. You can learn about the tragic and terrifying stories of the past tenants in this cursed house. Each “chapter” is related to a character and contains puzzles to be solved. These journeys have incredible themes, and can also allow you to travel through the real and surreal worlds.

The camera can help you discover hidden threats and secrets. Some things can only be seen by turning on the flash, so every time you use it as a light source, it will cause a few seconds of panic. The mirror can take you into the weird world. When you see a deformed body in the hospital corridor and run away in a hurry, your eyes will keep staring at you. In these worlds you accidentally enter, every storyline has a satisfying and appalling ending. This is not a fun game, and every environment and chapter can keep you busy. Whenever you open a door or try to solve a challenge, you will be frightened while adrenaline rushes.

Along the way, light sources and pills can help you stay sane. These consumables are obviously limited resources, and the sudden closing of the door in the house, the sudden turn off of the lights, or the electronic products that like to mess up all remind you to use them sparingly. If the “sanity level” drops too fast, it is likely that something worse will come to visit you, not just low footsteps or flashing faces. When interacting with the environment, you often cannot use objects as you intended, which is very painful. If you want to put down the candles, organize your inventory, or do anything with your items, you often have to fight with the operation of this game.

“Visage” has created an accessible playground for lovers of horror works, where they can revel, let them immerse themselves in various flavors of fear and experience disturbing experiences. In many cases, horror games will rely too much on repeated surprises, and “Visage” chooses to engrave this room deeply in your brain, making you constantly doubt every choice you make and whether you should open one. Open the door or go down the stairs.


Find the scary secrets of the haunted house in the survival horror game that makes the SAN value crazy


Effective use of lighting and environment, allowing players to maintain a high degree of tension at all times

Sound effect

Screams, laughter, creaking of the floor and other disturbing sounds are endless, creating a spooky stage


If you want to be scared once, you must first ignore the poor inventory management of Visage.


“Visage” successfully creates an atmosphere of fear and makes full use of the fascinating story and creepy environment. This is the scariest game I have ever played.



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