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“War Thunder” is a professional vehicle war online game developed by Russian Gaijin Entertainment.

The game is based on World War II, the Cold War and the contemporary anti-terrorist war. It provides a very detailed and personalized vehicle driving and combat platform. Players can drive thousands of models of aircraft, land vehicles and ships, and even You can drive three different vehicles, land, sea, and air in one game. This is one of the characteristics of War Thunder-sea-air linkage and land-air linkage. The sea, land and air force linkage is not officially added to the game at present, only exists. In a custom room.
The land warfare content allows players to experience the thrill of driving a tank on the battlefield, including battle for strongholds, conquering bases, calling artillery, air support, helicopter support, all-dimensional battlefields, and experiencing the strongest sense of war penetration.

The naval battle was unveiled at the 2016 Cologne Game Show. At the same time, new tanks representing the new era of the Cold War were also unveiled at the 2017 Cologne Game Show. Helicopter vehicles were added to the 2018 Cologne Game Show. In subsequent updates, more modern vehicles and mechanisms will be added (thermal imaging and night vision cameras have been added)

Perhaps the best thing about this free MMO is that it’s very easy to just plunge into it, get a decent idea of its systems and start having fun right away. Try saying that about Flight Simulator X with a straight face.

If you’re after sheer volume of machinery, War Thunder’s WW2/Korean War era roster exceeds 300 aircraft. Each can be piloted using arcade (boo!) or simulation physics models to blast away at airborne adversaries playing on both PC and consoles – its servers know no platform boundaries. Which, of course, means there’s usually plenty of easy meat for PC players to pick off.

If War Thunder’s skies offer an opportunity for a quick joyride and a bit of sightseeing, ground combat offers the exact opposite – the steel beasts in this tank game move at such a glacial pace that you’re constantly on high alert, scanning for enemies in the scrubland. Whoever fires first in this free Steam game almost always carries away the spoils.

The USA, Russia, Britain, Germany and Japan all wage war here, each with their own particular mechanical strengths (there’s a long-running argument concerning Soviet machinery bias in this area), weaknesses… and convoluted upgrade paths. If you’re averse to grinding, this might not be the simulation game for you. If you’re after a WW2 sim with an enormous community that you can start playing with no financial outlay, though… well, your demands are very specific, and War Thunder’s your sim.

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