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“Star Wars” is a third-person shooter online game with a science fiction theme developed by Digital Extremes. It was released on September 25, 2015 in the public beta in China.
The game adopts the setting of replacing occupations with battle armor. Players choose different battle armors, and each armor has different attack methods and skills.
“Star Wars” Switch version will be officially released on November 21, 2018.

Story Background

In the universe thousands of years later, a mysterious virus suddenly swept the entire earth. The surviving humans found that the virus had turned most people into monsters. Desperate humans managed to leave the earth and conquered the solar system. They created a semi-mechanical and semi-AI Orokin to help the remaining humans maintain their rule.

Power background


Tiannuo is the descendant of an ancient and mysterious warrior race. In the late Orokin era, a
Tiannuo played a decisive role in almost destroying the entire civilization war. After the virus destroyed the entire earth, some of the survivors turned their attention to the void, the hell space where all science and reason collapsed. The explorer came back alive in the void and gained powerful abilities. They picked up the oldest weapons: guns and swords. These people became Orokin’s saviors, and these war gods poured countless metal heat and anger on the enemies who destroyed their homes, restoring the balance of the universe. Now the awakened Tiannuo are facing a strange universe. As the only heirs of Orokin Technology, they independently confronted those careerists who tried to control Tiannuo. Despite losing his memory in a long period of time, Tiannuo’s mastery of guns, swords and super armor has not been forgotten. Discipline and chivalry are the cornerstones of Tiannuo’s values.


The clones are a race that constantly clones themselves. They are made of almost abandoned Orokin technology
It was born. They can be mass produced, but excessive cloning destroys the genetic sequence. However, these batch defects were quickly made up for by technology. Compared to recreating a body, Clooney is better at repairing broken bodies with technology. Their hometown is a heavily polluted and ecologically extinct earth. They reject other races and have a kind of fanatical hatred for aliens. If their expansion succeeds, only Kronni will remain in the entire solar system. They are the first enemy faced by the awakened Tiannuo. Clooney is good at absorbing foreign technology. For example, the “Prophet Hill” pistol that the player can touch the first Clone boss, Captain Wall, has Orokin elements and parts, and is a combination of a high-powered hand cannon and a sniper weapon. However, Clooney has been unable to produce powerful high-damage weapons, even though they have been trying. Their weapons are technically rough, but their power is beyond doubt. Many Tiannuo underestimated the accuracy of the Clone Lancer and Grakata rifle, and died while waiting for the shield to recharge.

Corpus Chamber of Commerce

Cops is a group of business madmen, a group of people gathered for common commercial and industrial interests
People assembled. They use a unified trading language and share the same goal-to find and sell ancient Orokin technology and armor. Their weapon technology is more advanced than that of Kronney, and their employees and snipers use the same attrition and ambush tactics as Kronney. They swept the outer solar system, greedily looking for all kinds of things to sell. And what they want most is Tiannuo and their armor. They treat the Tiannuo captured by them as if they were salvaged, decomposing and combining them carefully. The remaining part is sold to the highest bidder. They were the second hostile force that Tiannuo encountered after waking up. The Cops Chamber of Commerce is one of the most productive weapons manufacturers in the game. They sell countless weapons and ammunition to all forces. Their weapons range from civilian energy weapons to modern plasma weapons with a rate of fire of several hundred rounds per minute. The weapons of the Cops Chamber of Commerce focus on low-cost automated production, but the weapons are very powerful.


Most of the infected people are Cops employees and Clooney who were infected by the “Technocyte” virus. Most of the infected people seem to have been Copps employees and Clone gunmen. However, they may also come from a failed Tenno experiment. J3-Golem once asked Tiannuo: “Why do you want to destroy us, we are your flesh and blood”. This can explain some of the skills possessed by the infected. Most of the infected have no obvious long-range combat skills. However, the elders of the infected do not seem to be made up of infected tissues or corpses. They appear to be different living organisms from other infected people. Because of their “elder” title and special physical appearance, it is still unclear how they first appeared, perhaps their history can be traced back to the era of the Great War.

The role of setting

Mecha introduction

After the opening animation, there will be three novice armors for players to choose, and players can choose one as the initial armor. The player’s battle armor will protect the player in the form of an outer armor suit and provide the player with unique abilities. The battle armor chosen by the player will greatly affect the player’s first mission, but this choice is not the final choice. Over time, players can forge or purchase additional armor to replace, and use the capabilities of the armor to fight. The maximum level of each armor is 30, and players can fully train all the armors collected. Each armor is equipped with 3 small skills and a big move. Players can change different mechas to complete the task at any time as needed. Each mech can be equipped with 10 ordinary MODs and an artifact MOD, which is equivalent to the rune that changes offensive and defensive attributes in LOL. The fleshy gun Valkyrie armor can also be turned into violent melee output.
Each set of armor with a unique shape has unique positioning and attributes. Each suit has 4 skills, which can control the surrounding environment in a wide range. Using these skills, players can make many actions, from devastating energy to defensive shields, and even range healing. Star Warframe can also greatly enhance Tenno’s physical abilities, including swordsmanship, shooting, and special effects.

Mech features

The fighting style of the players in the game largely depends on the armor they wear. Different armor corresponds to
With the corresponding attributes and unique skills, changing the armor on the body is similar to changing the “class”. The battle armor in the game is divided into group attack armor, single output armor, summon necro armor, control domain armor, control element armor, assassination armor, and auxiliary armor.
Different armors have different styles. The group attack armor skills tend to damage a large area, which can limit the enemy armor’s attack power and movement speed within a certain range. The single output armor skills focus on single attack. This type of armor is usually fast, mobile, and survivable, and can attack the enemy to the greatest extent with the cooperation of teammates. Summoning the Necromancer can summon the corpses left by the enemy or the terrifying creatures in the abyss to attack the enemy, but the summoning the attacking armor itself has a low shield, medium health and lack of defensive skills.
The control domain battle armor skill is biased towards the range domain control, which can limit the enemy’s movement speed. Manipulating Elemental Battle Armor skills favor the use of elements in the air, manipulating water or flame to attack the enemy, which can cause continuous damage to the enemy. Assassination battle armor skills have long-distance stealth approaching capabilities, aid sniper and assassination capabilities. The armor itself has low shields and blood volume, weak defense capabilities, but high burst damage. The auxiliary armor skills are mainly auxiliary, and the armor capabilities are more focused on recovery and protection, rather than killing the enemy. The battle armor can draw life and energy from the enemy, and the defensive skills can transfer and offset the damage to yourself and teammates.
There are seven types of battle armors for players, and there are more than ten kinds of them. Each set of battle armor has its own level. As the armor level increases, the corresponding attributes and skills will also be strengthened. Each set of armor has its own 4 skills.

Featured System

Mission system

The task system in the game is divided into assassination, capture, competition and hacking. By default, the player’s mission status (game mode) is public, other players can join the mission, and the player himself can also help them in other people’s missions. Change in the “Match Mode” drop-down menu in the menu or change the player’s mission status when the player uses the navigation map. When it is set to “Friends only”, only people in the player’s friend list can join; when it is set to “Invite to join”, only actively invited players can join the task; single player games will prohibit all players from joining the task .

Group system

Groups are organizations that do their own things. Existed from the beginning and did not belong to Corpus
, Grineer or Tenno. Groups have their own ideals and goals, and they inevitably conflict with each other because of their interests and goals. Group related functions will be unlocked when players reach Rank 3. Players can improve the reputation of some groups by performing various tasks and alerts, so as to obtain some rewards unique to the group. Increasing the prestige of one group may lead to resentment of another group. When the conflict intensifies, the hostile group even launches an attack on the player character. There are 6 groups in the game at this stage. They all have unique styles and goals. Every group has allies and rival groups. Increasing the reputation of a group will also increase the reputation of the group’s allies, but it will also reduce the reputation of its hostile group.

Parkour system

In the game, there are often terrains that block action, or obstacles that slow down the rhythm. Parkour is the best solution to such problems. Not only that, parkour can quickly break away from encounters with the enemy or take a distance to fight back.

Player team

Clans can help players quickly find teammates to complete tasks together; they can build clan homes with other clans members, freely arrange them, build laboratories to develop different technologies and blueprints; after the interstellar passage is created, clan members will fight shoulder to shoulder, and can also fight with other members Clans form alliances to grab resources and rewards in the black zone. Clan is divided into 5 levels, and the number of members that can be accommodated in each level is different. The rank of the clan is determined by the highest barracks in the clan dojo.

Game Reviews

As a MMOFPS shooting masterpiece that integrates RPG game elements, “Interstellar Warframe” has a unique skill system and a unique world view structure that is eye-catching. Although there are still some problems during the first test of the game, the game is of high quality The senses have established a certain foundation for its success.
“Interstellar Warframe” has the visual effects of a sci-fi stand-alone masterpiece, whether it is high-definition materials or gorgeous particle effects, it has a high level of graphic expression. The developer Digital Extremes has accumulated many years of experience and technology in developing console games, so that the game screen is optimized. The peaceful configuration requirements and less dropped frames make the game process very comfortable. Every copy scene in “Star Warframe” has a complicated spatial hierarchy and a high degree of openness, which will not bring the small and cramped feeling common in copy games. The actions of the game characters, including enemies and monsters, are very real and smooth, and they are completed by real action capture.

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