Warhammer: Vermintide 2

Action Game

“Warhammer: Vermintide 2” is an action role-playing game produced and published by Fatshark. It was released on PC, XboxOne, and PS4 on March 8, 2018. It is the sequel to “Warhammer: Plague of the End Times”.

The plot of the game continues the plot of “Warhammer: Vermintide 2”, which will be presented in the frenzy of the Chaos Alliance composed of Skaven and Barbarians, where heroes from different races defend Rick’s battle. The game map has been moved from the original Erbesrek to Hemgart. The types of enemies are more abundant, and the heroes also have new classes and weapons.

Background Setting

The story of “Warhammer: Vermintide 2” is derived from a generation of plots. After the Battle of Eberslake, after the Skaven Ratman occupied Eberslake, the turbulent flames burned more and more, and the rise of the hero defeated the Ratman. Frenzy. The vengeful scavengers and the barbarians who worship the four chaos gods formed an alliance. Hemgart was destroyed and Rick’s leader was in danger. Once again, the world needs heroes to rise.

The prologue of the game takes the protagonist’s Marcus as the perspective. The heroes are unfortunately caught in the trap of the Grey Prophet Rasconet and imprisoned. With the help of Olesja Pimanova, Marcus escaped from captivity and joined his teammates. After witnessing the ruined Hemgart, the heroes followed the Bridge of Shadows. The Fortress of Tal’s Horn.

A battle to save the world kicked off.

Scene Map

The protagonist group lives in the Cape Tal Fortress, an ancient fortress located on a cliff, where Franz Lona, Olesja Pimanova and the protagonist group use it as Stronghold to plan a counterattack against Hemgart. Through the play options in the fortress lobby, players can select the corresponding battle map and move through the bridge of shadows.

According to the level of the playing role, the room of the protagonist group will be transferred from the ground floor in the lobby to a separate room. The fortress provides training dummies and materials that can only be obtained in the battlefield for players to conduct simulation training; in addition, weapons can be replaced and forged through the weapon warehouse and forge. As the game progresses, players can use the obtained decorative frame to decorate the fortress painting.

The battle scene mainly revolves around Hemgart, the possession of the human empire in the world view of the Medieval Warhammer. At this time, Hemgart has been completely lost due to the occupation of the Chaos Alliance. The main town of Hemgart was destroyed by the Skaven. Only broken walls and corpses remain, and the Chaos Allied Forces are everywhere, making the overall game darker. The game has fourteen chapters, and more battle maps can be added through the purchase of the game DLC. The game map adopts seamless settings, once loaded, there will be no other waiting situations.

Featured System

Difficulty system

There are five difficulty levels to choose from in the game: Recruit, Difficulty, Champion, Legend, Tribulation. Among them, the difficulty of Heavenly Tribulation can be unlocked by obtaining the “Magic Wind” DLC and completing the legendary difficulty of Holkchi, Going Deep into the Enemy’s Nest, War Camp, and Turning Gate.

Long-range weapons of Champion, Legend, and Divine Tribulation will cause damage to friendly heroes. As the difficulty of the game increases, the power value of the loot obtained after passing the game level will be higher, but at the same time monster damage and appearance frequency will increase with difficulty And it becomes difficult.

Loot System

The equipment, clothing, and weapons in the game can only be obtained through loot boxes given by completing the game level. Each difficulty level has six different levels of treasure chests, in order of ordinary, difficult, champion, platinum, diamond, and grandmaster. Each level has a greater chance of obtaining higher-quality items. An equipment item must be dropped from the treasure chest.

The settlement conditions for upgrading each treasure chest are as follows:
Complete the task: the basic reward you will get when you complete a level.
Quick game rewards: complete tasks through the QUICK PLAY game mode.
Collected Codex: Collect three hidden books in the mission map.
Collected Grimoire: Collect two hidden Grimoires in the mission map. After obtaining the Grimoire, the HP limit of the team will be reduced.
Collected loot dice: obtained by searching treasure chests, defeating BOSS, etc.
Leonard’s Gift: One of the basic rewards, after the level is completed, the settlement bar will be increased randomly.

Mission system

Players can enter the “Oakley Challenge” page through the books in the game lobby. Oakley’s Challenge provides missions and challenges to record achievements and win rewards.

The challenge is similar to the achievement system, which is divided into tasks, hero growth, enemies, items, crafting, and great deeds. After completion, shillings, prize boxes or decorative boxes will be given as rewards, but after completion, they cannot be repeated.

The tasks are divided into daily tasks and weekly tasks, and tasks are randomly assigned according to the time period. Completing tasks will reward loot boxes or shillings.

Game Reviews

“Warhammer: Vermintide 2” is already a very prominent and successful work among many Warhammer adaptation games. The gameplay system based on the “Left 4 Dead” series makes this game easy to understand, and some of the innovations and improvements make it play with a distinct personality. Of course, there are many problems, the translation is a bit bad, the difficulty of the initial twists and turns and the relative lack of sense of direction of the scene. If it can be polished more, it may be more refined.

The process of “Warhammer: Vermintide 2” is the same as that of the first generation, advancing the map, repelling the ambush, defending the location, and retreating. Larger maps and open scenes, finer graphics and particle effects, more professional roles and skill talents, more mature weapon equipment systems, better network quality, and the addition of simplified Chinese. Players will get a better gaming experience than the first generation, and spend more time on character development, but the game still has a lot of room for improvement.

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