When the heat fades, is “Fitness Boxing” still a fitness game worth starting?

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Due to an ordinary Weibo, “Fitness Boxing” successfully went out of the circle and became a good medicine for young ladies and otakus to lose weight and fitness. Some treasure’s merchants also followed the trend and increased their prices. However, with the fading heat and falling prices, is this “Fitness Boxing” still a magical fitness game worth starting?

The overall game mechanism of “Fitness Boxing” is very simple. Players only need to hold the Joy-con handles in both hands and follow the fitness concise on the screen to complete the corresponding boxing action. According to the definition of the game, it can be counted as a “fitness audio game” “If you express it in a more straightforward way, it is actually the same as a rhythm game like “QQ Hyun Dance”, but this time the rhythm is not on the keyboard, but you need to punch and follow the rhythm.

The game contains the basic elements of boxing, such as “straight punch”, “jab punch”, “top punch”, “turn around”, “dive and avoid” and other actions. The overall difficulty of the game will also follow the players’ daily punch Make corresponding improvements. In the game, players can choose different purposes for fitness, namely “weight loss”, “strengthening” and “maintaining health”. They can also conduct specific training for different parts. In short, whether you are a little bit of boxing It doesn’t matter if you understand, or boxing Xiaobai, you don’t need any foundation, and you can quickly get started and complete all the actions in the game.

In the game, there is a “Daily Practice” that needs to be turned on every day. You can record your training results by completing the check-in every day. The purpose of urging players to go online for exercise can be achieved through the check-in method. In addition, in order to arouse players’ desire to exercise, 4 female fitness coaches and 2 male fitness coaches are also set up in the game for players to choose freely. Choose your favorite fitness coach to accompany you to complete daily To practice, players need to complete the corresponding tasks to unlock new clothes for these coaches, and keep warm~ Just imagine the girl who wears a bikini every day shouting “good punch, great, come on” to you in Japanese, you It’s hard to refuse to work out with them without opening the game again!

However, also as a sports game, “Fitness Boxing” has a more obvious advantage over the Kwon Dance series. First of all “Fitness Boxing” does not need to have any foundation to get started quickly, and if Kwon Dance really has no dance foundation If it is, it is really awkward dance…Secondly, “Fitness Boxing” requires much smaller space than the awkward dance series. It only needs a space that can stand up and can move around without obstacles. , This allows many players in the bedroom or even in the bedroom where space is not large to play the game very happily. Finally, as a fitness game, “Fitness Boxing” is very decompressive. When work is not going well or learning is hindered , Stand up and hit two punches, it can indeed play a refreshing effect, release the pressure.

However, as a “fitness music game”, the shortcomings of “Fitness Boxing” are also obvious, that is, the song library in the game is really old and young, and the daily punching against the songs that are turned over and over every day really makes people ears. Cocoon, the reviewer’s opening method in the later period is already driving the “Fitness Boxing” to exercise, and the pad next to it is playing the B-War ghost and animal divine song, which is even more edible.

Perhaps many players are thinking, if I don’t have a screen that can be projected, and I can’t eat the console mode to play the game, will I be unable to play this “Fitness Boxing”? In fact, with the size of the NS screen, even if you use the handheld mode, place the NS on a flat table at a distance of 2~3 steps from the screen, you can still clearly see the screen and complete the corresponding action. During the Spring Festival, the evaluation This is how you complete your daily fitness when you go home for the New Year, and the actual experience is still good!

Finally, as a fitness game, of course, what attracts attention is the actual fitness effect geometry. Take the evaluation man as an example, here the evaluation man completes 45 minutes of boxing training every day, and the system shows that the daily energy consumption is about 450 kcal. And 450 kcal is equivalent to eating two and a half bowls of white rice. When converted into other exercises, it is equivalent to riding for 90 minutes, swimming for 30 minutes, jogging for 45 minutes, etc. Therefore, the fitness effect brought by “Fitness Boxing” is actually There is no difference in calories consumed by other fitness exercises at the same time, which is a good fitness exercise for weight loss.

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