World of Warcraft Nostalgia: A weapon that the thief TAQ must take, NAXX is equipped with an artifact

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Hello, friends of the nostalgic service, this issue will elaborate on the thief brothers to sort out the mainstream weapon collocation of the NAXX version of the thief in the future P6, and the core component of this collocation is the artifact electric hammer that everyone knows, so the deputy is also How should I choose?

First of all, let’s talk about the actual performance of the electric hammer. I believe that many thieves have not experienced the power of electric hammers in ancient times, and have been listening to others about how electric hammers work, but they have never been impressed.

Then I will list a set of data for everyone:

  1. After the single electric hammer is placed in the main hand, without any world buffs, taking a team instance battle with a full damage of 1 million as an example, the damage ratio of the electric hammer special effect can reach 2.3%~2.6%. ;
  2. After dual wielding electric hammers, when human thieves use this weapon, the proportion of special effects damage can reach about 5.5%~6.5%. The proportion of thieves of other races without hammer specialization is higher because their flat cut damage is not as good as Human thieves.

The above data is quoted from the test data of an ancient god on the NBA forum. He does not have a picture, but I checked many of his technical posts and concluded that he is a highly credible and experienced player.

As you may have seen, the special effect damage ratio of the dual-wield electric hammer is not a simple special effect multiplied by 2 times, but more than twice, because the special effect of the electric hammer can trigger the special effect of another electric hammer, understand? ? Based on this logic, if you have a wind sword, you can use a single electric hammer with a wind sword.

The special effect damage with such a high proportion of the electric hammer is converted into a second damage exceeding 20 points, which is equivalent to if the electric hammer special effect is removed and converted into AP, then the actual green word AP of each electric hammer is increased to 80+, this is One of the reasons why this weapon is so powerful.

So, in fact, for human thieves, the best off-hand match after getting the electric hammer is to get another electric hammer or wind sword to seal the bleeding of fate talent. Let’s talk about it here, don’t worry about the problem that the speed of the electric hammer is too slow, and the poison damage of the off-hand will be affected after dual wielding. How can the damage be compared with the special effect of the electric hammer? Besides, who will wear blood teeth in the future? Without blood teeth, the damage of poison is not enough. I believe the editor is right, human thieves will play Li Yuanba, dual wielding electric hammers, sweeping the copy of the nostalgic suit!

Because thieves of other races do not have the support of racial talent, they can reach 305 hammer weapons proficiency, so if they want to play dual-wielding electric hammers and the talent of sealing the bleeding of fate, the white damage will be greatly reduced. It is really not as good as the single electric hammer. Think of a way to get some hammer-specialized equipment, so is there such equipment? Of course there is, the current version has it.

This equipment is the Anubisath Warhammer dropped by TAQ mobs. The biggest highlight of this item is the proficiency of 4-point hammer weapons. Since your main hand is an electric hammer, the best talent is to seal the bleeding of fate, and if you follow this route, you will not be able to point out the weapon master talent for deep combat, which means you only have 300 weapon skills.

In addition, we also know that although 4 points of hammer proficiency is not enough to completely improve your flat cutting deflection, 304 weapon skills have a great advantage over 300 weapon skills, especially when there is a world buff. ,Differs greatly.

So far, as far as the editor knows, the transaction price of Anubisath Warhammer in the wild group gold group is generally between 500 and 2000 gold coins, which is really not expensive. Maybe the price will rise after this article is seen by many people. But don’t rely on me. Over time, many thieves will gradually realize the value of this weapon for non-human thieves in the long-term NAXX version.

So don’t hesitate to drop this weapon when the thieves are in a group, take advantage of not many people who know how to do it, try to get it. Don’t get the electric hammer at that time and think about coming back to get this weapon. When I find that there are not many people playing TAQ, it’s uncomfortable.

Some people might say that the combination of the electric hammer and the Doomsday Herald Dagger dropped by NAXX mobs is also good. It’s okay, but only for PVP. What I want to tell everyone is that for PVE, using that dagger to match the electric hammer is just to make you look better on the street. It is definitely not as good as the Anubisath Warhammer. The 4-point hammer specialization will greatly improve the deflection of your main and deputy hands. It is definitely not a doomsday pioneer. This is comparable to hitting a crit, especially when there is a world buff.

Maybe everyone walking on the street has seen some thieves use the combination of Ruins 58’s frosted warhammer and Anubisath warhammer as weapons, but don’t take it for granted that people use this combination to make money, he is. Used for PK!

As some ancient thief gods said: Don’t play Hammer Thief if you don’t have an electric hammer in the 60 version, unless you are pure PVP. So when you hear such remarks, you must believe that what they are saying is the truth, and they have not fooled you.

The summary is that for PVE, the mainstream NAXX version of the thieves in the future (not to mention the destruction of the dawn of Lao Ke, there is no typicality) weapon collocation first electric hammer is a must, and then the best off-hand collocation after starting the electric hammer is:

  1. For human thieves, just get another electric hammer and play dual-wielding Li Yuanba. It is definitely the first choice. You can also have a wind sword;
  2. For thieves of other races, use the Anubisath warhammer dropped by TAQ mobs;
  3. If it doesn’t work, let’s make the transition to the Doomsday Herald first, but this weapon is really general. The editor is talking about the sealed fate bleeding genre for non-human thieves;
  4. The last time, the Holy Qiraji Shortsword can also be used for transition, because you may not have the above 3 weapons.

I have considered other weapons editors, and none of the above 4 options are suitable. Oh, by the way, don’t forget that you can’t find the back with a hammer and you won’t be as uncomfortable as the dagger thief, hehe!

Finally, I once again complained about the talents of human beings. Is there any mistake? He is proficient in swords and hammers. Isn’t this designer Shi Lezhi?

Well, the content of this issue is over here. I hope that it will have a certain reference for the thieves who intend to use the electric hammer to seal the bleeding genre in the future. Thank you for watching. See you in the next issue.

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