World of Warcraft Nostalgia: Furious War “eliminated outfit”, the reverse version is selling well, why?

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There are many softwares that recommend BIS equipment in World of Warcraft nostalgia, so when starting equipment, many people will give priority to BIS equipment. But is BIS equipment really the “only” answer? Obviously not. Perhaps the BIS equipment may be our ultimate form, but when we start with all kinds of equipment, we can’t get it all at once, and it takes a long time to build up. So in the transition phase of equipment, we also need to tailor a set of the most suitable equipment according to the changes in our own attributes. It is for this reason that a lot of equipment that has been eliminated from the previous version has recently become popular again.

In this article, I will talk to you about the “elimination equipment” of the violent warfare that has recently been selling well. First of all, let’s take a look at the reasons behind this phenomenon recently.

Main reason: Hit overflow

Berserkers are more sensitive to hits. Now the hit of humans or orcs in a violent battle requires 9 points, and the hits of non-humans and non-orcs also need to reach 9 points while wearing a sword master. So until the P4 stage, it is not impossible to meet this point, but a lot of offensive strength and other attributes need to be sacrificed. But after entering the P5 stage, Titan’s leggings, T2.5 shoulders, cloak and other equipment have hit attributes, so based on the P4 graduation outfit, there will be a lot of hits overflow. So we have to remove some extra hit equipment and put on some high crit or high attack equipment.

Re-“selling” equipment:

Flameguard Gauntlets

This equipment is dropped from the MC copy, providing 54 points of offensive power and 1 point of critical strike. Compared with the “Sacrificial Gauntlets” worn by most players before, this piece of equipment has a 16-point increase in attack power, and is higher than the Sacrificial Gauntlets even under the premise of full buff. This piece of equipment, which is sold at the basic reserve price or unsold in the P4 stage, can be sold at a price of about 1000G in the near future. Of course, this piece of equipment cannot be a P5 graduation outfit, but a very cost-effective transition outfit. After all, the military uniform and the Destroy Gauntlet have a high threshold, and ordinary players cannot easily start it.

Blastershot Launcher & Dragonbreath Hand Cannon

Players who already have “Rapid Fire Bow”, “Doomsday Bow” and other equipment do not have much need to change long-range weapons, but for players who have not yet acquired these equipment, the Blastershot Launcher and Dragonbreath Hand Cannon may be better select. Because the demand for hits is not so strong now, the bonus of critical strike attributes will be more attractive. And they are very cost-effective, even if many people are willing to bid now, the highest price will not exceed 2000G. The highest price that Xiao Ling has seen recently is the crit shotgun sold at a price of 1900G. I didn’t even think about this before.

Helm of Endless Rage

In fact, this piece of equipment can not be regarded as “hot sale”, but at least it will not be missed. Although the lion heart is the graduation outfit of the entire 60s in the BIS equipment of the raging war, in fact, in the case of overflow, the attributes that Helm of Endless Rage can provide are not bad. According to the warrior’s attribute conversion, this piece of equipment can provide 52 points of attack power, 3.71 melee DPS and 1.3% crit rate. Because 1% crit in a rage battle is slightly equivalent to 25 points of attack power, then it can provide 77 points. Attack strong. In the same way, in addition to a 2 point hit, Lionheart can provide about 86 points of offensive power. Judging from this figure, the lion heart is much better than the helmet of endless rage, so why are there players willing to sell this piece of equipment? For survival!

In this instance of Ahn’Qiraj, there are many BOSS skills to clear and reduce hatred, as well as many high-damage AOE skills and continuous DOT damage. Therefore, as a melee high-hatred DPS career, the ability to save life is very important. . Especially in the battle of bosses like Shaltura, the high armor and endurance provided by Helm of Endless Rage are the key attributes that can survive and continue to output. Of course, this piece of equipment is a spare equipment, just like the resistance outfit when fighting a princess, it will have miraculous effects in certain battles.

Cricle of Applied Force

This piece of equipment has been recognized by many great gods before, and when it hits the target, the improvement it can bring is BIS level. But in the P4 stage, many Berserker players have tried different outfits and want to wear this ring when the hit is satisfied, but the effect is not very good, so only a small number of thieves players will need this one. equipment. After the P5 stage, when shoulders and cloaks can each provide 1 hit, we no longer need to rely too much on Julio and the dragon head ring, and can be replaced with swift strike or Cricle of Applied Force to further improve attack and crit. Attributes.

Small summary:

The matching of BIS equipment is fixed, maybe it can be the highest output of the current version, but it also depends on its own consumption capacity and equipment. In addition to BIS equipment, there are also many equipment that can bring greater improvements. The renewed “hot sale” of the above-mentioned equipment should also show that many players have begun to notice the disadvantages of BIS equipment and no longer blindly pursue BIS, but choose equipment that is more suitable for them.

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