XCOM: Chimera Squad

Strategy Game

(XCOM: Chimera Squad) is a 2K strategy and turn-based tactical video game produced by Firaxis Games. The game will be released on the Windows PC platform on April 24, 2020.

Background setting

XCOM: Chimera Squad will bring players a new plot based on the UFO series worldview and a turn-based strategy combat experience. After being ruled by aliens for many years, mankind finally won the battle to defend the earth. But when the rulers fled the planet, they kept the soldiers who had been loyal to them. Now, just five years after the end of the “XCOM2” plot, humans and aliens are working together to build a new civilization of cooperation and coexistence.

Character setting

On April 17, 2020, 2K announced the four members Blue Blood, Godmother, Terminal and Scepter. On the 21st, 2K announced three member angels, puzzle pieces and asylum seekers. On the 22nd, 2K announced the member Broadsword. On the 24th, 2K announced the members Hefeng and Suke.

Game evaluation

After the game was released, most of the media received positive reviews, and the Metacritic media score was 78 points.

The following is part of the media evaluation content:

Although “XCOM: Chimera Squad” is a complete “UFO” derivative work, it is more like a new experiment far from the previous two games, rather than a proper sequel. This game adds bold changes to the original game mechanics and story, but only shows a thin change, rather than an overall change. The unique characters in the game are great, and the new ideas are refreshing, even if they sacrifice the deeper strategic choices and dynamically generated narrative content specific to the series that reviewers love. Fortunately, these changes did not make the battle of the game far away from the “XCOM” series, and the game mechanics that require repeated trials, even if it contains frustrating bugs and occasional mistakes, will continue the fun for a long time.

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