Xenoblade Chronicles

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“Xenoblade Chronicles” is a role-playing game produced by Monolith Soft and published by Nintendo Games. The Wii version was released on June 10, 2010. The Chinese version of “Xenoblade Chronicles: Ultimate Edition” will land on the Nintendo Switch platform in 2020. .

“Xenoblade” is produced by Tetsuya Takahashi, who made the “Xenogears” and “Xenosaga” trilogy, and is independent of the original creation of “Xenogears”. The story takes the remains of ancient giants and mechanics as the stage, narrating the fantasy adventures under the dispute between man and machine.

In 2010, “Xenoblade Chronicles” was hailed as a JRPG revival. With its excellent plot, grand world view, and excellent combat, it was well received. IGN and GS gave it a high score of 9 and became the top RPG at the end of the Wii. Later ported to the 3DS platform.

Game settings

Game world view

Giant and Mechanic: When the world was first born, there was only a sea in the world. Then, two gods, the giant god and the machine god, appeared on the sea. They began to mate with their swords and eventually turned into bones. As time passed, organic life forms were bred in the body of the giant god, and mechanical life forms were bred in the body of the machine god.

The Giant God Realm is a world built on the body of the Giant God. The creatures in this world have bodies made of organic matter, and have a life view of “born in a giant god, and ultimately to a giant god”. Three kinds of intellectual lifeforms are bred in the world of giants, namely the human-like ホムスhoms living in the lower body of the giant, the dwarf-like commercial race ノbonnobon living in the virgin forest on the back of the giant, and the head of the giant isolated from the outside world. The Hinder Heinda that looks like a human.

Machine God Realm is a world built on the body of Machine God. The creatures in this world have bodies made of machinery and metal.

Mechanic soldiers, a mechanical life body army from the Mechanic God Realm. They have a high degree of science and technology, their bodies are not harmed by any attacks, and their strength is far beyond the ホムス people. One year before the start of the story, the Mechanic Soldier launched a large-scale attack on the Giant God Realm, and the ホムスhoms tribe were massacred.ホムス Holmes organized a counterattack, and finally repelled the Mechanic Soldiers under the leadership of ダンバン丹邦 holding MONADO Monad. However, Mechanic Soldier strikes again in the prologue of the story.

The magic sword MONADO Monad is said to be a holy sword bestowed by the gods from the Holmes tribe. This is actually not a sword, but a sword-shaped “device” that hides a certain power, which can be transformed into a blade of light during battle. MONADO Monad can easily cut off mechanical weapons, but it is completely useless to humans. When its power is unfolded, a blue “machine” will appear in the small circular hole in the handle. MONADO Monad can be said to be the only effective weapon for the Mechanic, and it is the hope of the ホムスhoms. However, it will cause a great burden to the user when it is used, and it was once thought that only ダンバン丹邦 could use it. This time the Mechanic Soldier struck again, and Shylkushurk replaced the wounded Tanban Danbang with MONADO Monad to fight the Mechanic Soldier. While using MONADO Monad, Siberk Shulk discovered the ability to activate the yellow light shield and see through the future. MONADO Monad should be able to cut off all mechanical matter, but suddenly there is a kind of continuous cut in the Mechanic. MONADO Monad is still surrounded by mystery.

Plot setting

The hometown of the protagonist Shulk was attacked by the life form “Mechanical Soldiers”, and his childhood sweetheart was killed. In order to repel those enemies, Shulk embarked on an adventure in this grand world where humans and machines are opposed. Shulk can see the future with the magic sword “Monado”. He will foresee the dangers that will come, and cooperate with his companions to overcome difficulties and open up the future.

The remains of God’s body became a vast and boundless land. The story will travel through God’s legs and arms as it develops, and even reach places like the body, where you can see completely different scenery. The Nintendo Switch version not only retains the original appearance of the main story, but also includes new stories.

Game system

Open world

Multiple combinations of seamless battles and magnificent and magnificent maps, grasslands, forests, snow-capped mountains, and other beautiful sceneries of different styles, the plot foreshadowing and turning, I am afraid that there are a lot of side missions and hidden elements that can not be played for 200 hours.

Role bondage

There are also character fetters and NPC relationships, which constitute the most complete and richest worldview in the history of RPG-player behavior can even change the relationship between NPCs, reconcile antagonistic parents and children, or separate loved ones. That is to say, in addition to the protagonist, this group of people are not fighting alone, there are many other people living in the world of XB, and players can experience their lives and experiences in detail.

The biggest highlight of this game is experience, search and adventure, from encountering different characters to experiencing different people and stories, climbing to the peak to watch the spectacular waterfall, jumping from the cliff to swimming in the big lake, and skiing on the secret path of the snowy mountain. .

New elements of 3DS

This game is transplanted from “Xenoblade Chronicles” on WII, and it is also the first New3DS dedicated game. This transplant also adds some new elements such as collection mode to the original work.
Nintendo released the new 3DS role-playing game “Xenoblade Chronicles” on April 2, 2015.
The scenes of the giant god and the machine god see each other in 3D. The C joystick can be used for smooth viewing angle operations. The status and mini map of the character can be displayed on the screen below.

Additional collection mode. In this mode, you can enjoy 3D models and music appearing in the game. You can get a lottery by rubbing your body and amiibo to get “トークン”.

Weapon system

The weapons named red are U-series weapons, and the blue limited words mean that only a limited number of weapons can be obtained in the same week. S-series weapons are weapons with holes that can be inlaid with gems; the number of sockets is completely random, only sockets The upper limit of the number is limited. U-series weapons have embedded gems. They cannot be removed or installed. The number of gems will not change. Each weapon has two values: maximum attack power and minimum attack power. The minimum attack power can be used for attack stability. Gems increase, the maximum attack power can be used to strengthen the gems.

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